Saturday, 29 September 2012

Velvet Shimmer

 Ohai! :) I'm prepping posts pre exam so that even during exams i can "update" haha. See im so dedicated to blogging:)) So this post is prob prepared a week earlier than the date now.

haha anyways, I've received a few emails and formspring questions asking if the Dollywink eyebrow pencil which i blogged about here is good or not. Well I haven't tried a lot of brow pencils before, but i feel that dark brown is definitely a better colour than black for me cos black is too harsh :/ And previously i like to use brow powder instead of pencil, but now because i can't find a powder colour that suits me, i'm sticking to dollywink's :)

Its pretty good and natural, price is acceptable as well:) Here's how it looks like:) If you can't tell that i actually used the brow pencil, then that's good cos it means it blends in well haha:)

PS/ i specially pin up my fringe to take these pics lol! I look horrible without fringe i know hahaha

see, with fringe much better right haha. 

 I've finished using my L'occitane Immortale Brightening face wash already, so this is the new product i'm using now:)

Dr Wu Acnecur Gel Cleanser with Niacinamide

This product has many benefits in one:) It lightens scars from pimples, prevent pimples from occuring and diminishes current blemishes:) So i decided to try it haha, since exam stress is causing me to break out at times :/ 

Andddd.... I got an early birthday present from my aunt!! Its the holy NAKED PALETTE BY URBAN DECAY :DD -prances a little-


No need to say, i super love this gift :') I tried it once already and now i finally know why its so highly raved. Fro packaging to quality, everything is thumbs up:) The outer casing is made of plush velvet, super luxe one:) It comes with a free eyeshadow primer which is also highly raved on MUA etc:) And the best part is the colours are so so wearable! I'm not very adventurous when it comes to eyeshadows and this palette does it for me:) Can play around with colours abit but not too over the top haha. And its pigmented! So a little amount will suffice:) 
<3<3<3 Many thanks to my super caring aunt:))

Some (really) overdue reviews:

TTR Enchanting Dip Hem Maxi in Mint

Made of reallllyy comfy material just as joyce said it would be:) Slightly stretchy, it kind of feels like jersey cotton. Anyways the colour is abit different from ttr's pics i would say, abit more to the green side irl. Still its a fresh and bright colour:) Design wise i like the dip hem, but it ends at the wrong place for me(at the front) so it'll make my calves look fatter :/ I think it would look better for taller girls:) Oh yes it has inner lining so no need to worry bout vpl:) I really like the colour but have to sell it since its not the most flattering dress haha.

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