Monday, 2 March 2015

On A-Level

hello everyone!
so yes, today is the day. 
the big day we got back our A level results.

for hwachies there were mixed feelings definitely.
some were over the moon, some were crying (not out of happiness).
but for me i'm just glad its all over, it provided some form of closure at least.

i teared today, but not because of results or anything, but because it finally kicked in that ms tina is really not here anymore.
seeing the school dedicate an award in her name made it all real.
its so saddening that she can't be here to witness this with all of us, but i know she will be proud of every single one of us, no matter how badly or well we did, because she was the one who personally saw our struggles in the road through this whole journey.
i know you'll be proud of me ms tina, i made sure i got As for the subjects you taught me.

my results aren't fantastic to be honest, but then again they aren't bad as well(or at least to me).
its just... average, amongst this school with so many high achievers.
and i'm proud to say that, hey, i'm totally okay with that.
i won't shed a single tear for this, never did and never will, because i don't think i've done anything worth regretting.
as long as you've honestly tried your very best for this exam, i don't think there's anything to be sad about, nor anything regrettable.
and if you didn't try your best, then learn from your mistakes and move on.
move on.

the only thing i'm probably a bit bummed about is how your grades do restrict your choice of courses.
so learning point from this?
 have backups. open up your choices. try new things and discover new passions.
don't be so fixated on ONE thing, that you'll break apart when its not yours to keep.

so now, the big question everyone is the most eager to know?
"what did you get?"
well, a good mix of As and Bs, uap 85 if i calculated correctly.
nothing fantastic as said before, but i manage to find it more or less satisfactory.
now i hope that this quells the stereotype of.....
 "oh hwachong students ah.. straight As la confirm!"
"aiya hwachong's U is other school's A la"
"u fail in hwachong exams A level will still get A one"
those above, are lies unfortunately.

the fact is that no, hwa chong students do not all get straight As.
we aren't all super smart and recite 3.1415926.. all the way to the hundredth digit in our free time.
most of us are just pretty normal, just like the rest of you.
some may say that "ehh.. As and Bs very good already what."
and i won't say thats wrong, because in the end it all boils down to your own expectations.
your own definition of what is good or bad.
it definitely differs for everyone but thats okay.
the most important thing is that you did yourself justice.

So well, i'll end off with well wishes for everyone.
All the best for the future ahead and remember to stay true to yourself.

till the next;

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