Thursday, 19 March 2015


// m a i n //

hello!! how has everyone been doing:)
i'm finally catching up abit on the backdated posts so do bear with me!

after i came back from korea i had a mini catch up sesh with nikks!
i was flying off to nepal the next day and kinda haven't packed but i rly missed nikks so heh, packing can wait!

oh and i played pool with daniel in the morning before meeting nikks!
i was so lousy at pool hahaha but still managed to 'win' two rounds (only cos daniel let me win la..)
but anyways it was fun!

so, nikks and i actually went to artistry before but this signature ootd spot was taken up then!
so when we were in that area and saw that it was empty...kope!!
and thus we took our first ootd together yay:)
ps/my top is from hvv, georgia skirt from fayth.
anyway, a perk of having long hair; just braid/tie it when having a bad hair day!
we had brunch at Wonderland, which was at Haji Lane!
the interior deco and everything was so dreamy and warm!
its a shophouse so on the second level they sold apparels and gorgeous books:)

it was after christmas already but the decos were still up and it gave off a warm fuzzy feeling!
i loved the ambience so much :)

we were lucky to get a spot beside the ribbon adorned christmas tree!
honestly the food choice there was...really little.
they didn't have any of the usual brunch choices like eggs benny or toast etc.
albeit the lack of choice, the food quality was commendable:)

we got the mushroom soup, lemon tart, quiche and carrot cake!
the soup is homemade and really tasty imo, you can taste all the little bits of mushroom!
the carrot cake was one of the better ones i've tried, loved the cream cheese, it would have been nicer if the cake was slightly more moist though!
we loved the lemon tart as well, it was zesty and not too sour nor sweet;)
and lastly, the quiche!
nikks was raving about this haha, and its really really good!
i like this better than tiong bahru bakery's one ;)
oh but note that the chips are like...vinegar flavoured lol. 
both of us didn't touch the chips :x

so yes it was a wonderful meetup!!
we had a nice htht while eating:)
what we talked about however, shall not be discussed here hahaha.

since we've both started work now it may be a bit harder to meet up boohoo.
but i'll always make time for you nikks!!;)

hope everyone has been having a fulfilling year thus far!

till the next;

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