Wednesday, 25 March 2015

{The Sushi Bar * Ma Maison}

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hello! this post is super backdated so i'm not even gonna try and remember when the exact date was..
anyways its a post full of food photos so i suggest you don't read this now if you're hungry hehe.

i've been to the sushi bar at far east plaza a few times, just wanted to share some of my favs from this awesome place:)

Salmon Aburi Roll (8pcs)
this is their signature dish and i can tell you, it is a MUST order when you're there!
 the salmon is really fresh, the mentaiko is to die for and its just.. heavenly!
 its my new fav jap place in spore currently for sushi alone:)
 i'm so hungry typing this now, def gonna make a trip down again soon just for this dish, so so yummy i can't even!

California Roll (8pc)
this is really good as well! unlike the usual cali rolls this one has avocado, which gives it a nicer texture and complements the taste.
i'm not a fan of avocado usually but this one is really nice! i would recommend this dish as well:)

Soft Shell Crab Aburi Roll (8pc)

we decided that 2 plates of sushi is not enough for us so we ordered a third!
nikks said we eat too much for girls but i think 3 plates of sushi for 2 is okay no?...
okay anyway by the time we ordered this i was somewhat abit full already, so maybe thats why this didn't taste as good to me as the first two.
or maybe its cos i'm not a fried food fan in general!
but still this was very fresh and flavourful, and i still loved the mentaiko on this alot!!
the bill came up to about 20-23per pax, including drinks, which i feel is pretty reasonable considering almost all the cafes/restaurants in spore fall in this range for a decent meal.
and this sushi was really good so yes i don't mind paying abit more for a satisfying meal definitely:)

next stop, ma maison at bugis junction for dessert!:)
the interior deco is so on point, really vintage and cozy.

we ordered two tarts to share, and we thought that it was quite alright but not fantastic.
still, its a really cozy place to just chill and have afternoon tea.
i would like to try the mains at ma maison in future though!
heard their fried cutlet is really good;)

i'm sorry if you're reading this at midnight and your tummy is growling, cos i'm typing this at midnight and i know how that feels haha.

on a side note, i would like to confess about my bad eating habits lately :(
someone please chide me about eating too much booo :(
for example, for lunch today, i had a whole sanum from llaollao, a mushroom puff from old chang kee and a whole big plate of mentaiko pasta.
and for one of the dinners last week, i had a mushroom puff from old chang kee, the largest sized smoothie from smoothie king and a bowl of 9 piece yong tau foo. 
like omg right how can anyone girl eat so much!!
like i felt so full i was gonna die and thats pretty unhealthy :(
i always overbuy food when i takeaway and bring it to work, cos everything is so tempting?!
sighpie i need to find a way to curb these temptations and stop overeating T.T

sorry for the meaningless rant T.T

till the next;

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