Tuesday, 10 March 2015

K O R E A (2.0)

// m a i n //

hello! korea part 2 is here:)) 

first stop- boat ride!

the weather was really really really cold that day!! 
but well we're always up for a selfie heh.
everyone just look at my grandma just look at her lol!!
that peace sign hahaha
no filter needed at all.
this view is definitely a mood lifter:)

some pictures taken at the port.

our yacht for the day!

we were served fresh sashimi, snacks and red wine for the absolute luxe yacht experience:)
but..i didnt eat any of those :x

the guys immediately went fishing when they saw the fishing rods!
the ladies just.. chilled. 
yeah thats my hipster grandma chilling ;)

my uncle caught a fish within minutes?! 
(albeit it being quite tiny heh)

don't try selfie-ing on a yacht with winds like in jeju.
just dont.
cos you'll end up like this hahaha
i caught this super artsy display pic worthy shot of my cousin!
only to realise...
my grandma photobombed her 

second stop- tangerine field!

jeju is famous for this volcanic rock statues that have a mystical meaning to them. 
visitors touch the statue's stomach if they wish for wealth, ears if they wish for a baby girl etc.
you can google if you'd like to know more.

had my otd taken here hehe.
scarf- zara
stripe top- bershka
coat- earth nature (jap label)
boots- anne klein

these tangerines are fake btw. 
its meant for photo taking only lol, the real ones are less vivid.

we had meat for lunch (again).
i think i ate 4x more chicken/beef/pork here than i'd have in singapore.
i also think i had coffee/hot chocolate every day here cos the weather makes hot beverages 10000 times more enticing oops.
photo with a weird santa and grandma photobombs again lolol.

third stop- ice sculpture making + 3D art museum

i made this ice cup myself btw! 
(okay fine with a little bit of help from the ice sculpture master heh)
and then we drank juice from our own cups just for the fun of it.

3D art museum next!
this was somewhat like trick eye museum, the one that was in singapore and quite hyped about.
i love doing weird poses in these museums lolol, got judged but hey, at least i had fun!

sultan kosen why you make people feel short -sad face-
teehee i loved this one!

yeah if i were on tv i'd totally do a derp face for the fun of it woohoo

my own optimus prime!

got the feels of the movie king kong?? 
(or was it so long ago that no one remembers already..)
seafood steamboat for dinner!
my cousins more or less hate seafood so... grandma and i had to eat everything omg.
i can see my cholesterol levels rising in 3..2..1..
and in korea, a must try supper/street snack is definitely...
fried chicken and beer!
i promise, once you try this, it'll redefine supper lol!
the chicken is omg... to die for.
best fried chicken E V E R

there were more happenings in day 2 but i think it'd be better not to spam all the photos so next post it is!;)

till the next;

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