Saturday, 21 March 2015

Safe Haven




the calming rhythm of your heartbeat as I
lay upon your chest.
it unconsciously pulls my attention away from the film in front of us.
gladly, rightly.

warmth radiates from you.
in the night breeze, in your embrace.
i feel safe.

i inadvertently smile,
as i bury my face in the warmth of your neck.
the scent of familiarity,
or of you.

or when you cup my face in your hands,
and kiss me with all the love you have.
i feel flutters.
butterflies in my tummy.

quite often,
i'd catch you staring intently.
"what are you doing?" i ask with a laugh.
"i'm looking at you."
blushing, cheeks flushed, i try to cover my face.
"your eyes are so beautiful.
its bright, so full of life.
not everyone has that."

i'm hungry, i said.
i read out my long list of cravings and gush about them.
you'd laugh and say i'm a pig, a gluttony one.
but when you pull me closer and,
arm around my waist;
you'd say in forlorn
 "i can feel your bones, i can hold you with just one arm.
please, won't you eat more?"
"make up your mind mister, am i too thin or am i too round"
you pause for a moment.
deep in thought.
"you're not too thin.
you're not too round.
i think you're just nice.

/my first attempt at a semblance of poetry, at writing.
i hope i could weave bits and pieces of the little moments into memories.
planted here, in my personal diary.
where you'd leave your mark./

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