Friday, 6 March 2015

K O R E A (1.0)

// m a i n //

hello everyone!! 
i'm starting on my korea trip posts, which will consist of quite a few parts cos i took so many gorgeous photos there! 
the scenery is really pretty and definitely worth sharing so do keep a lookout for them here and on instagram @etherealpeonies as well!!:)

we touched down at incheon airport around 9am local time and explored the area while waiting for our flight to jeju which was in the afternoon:)

first stop- fairytale village!

look at my grandma and her supermodel pose hahahaha

we were just walking by this random street when this super friendly dog came out to greet us!!
it was so cute it kept sniffing us and we just stayed there for about half and hour playing with it hehe.

i joined my aunt's family for this trip btw! my parents were in singapore:)

day 1's otd features these items btw(i got multiple emails about where my coat is from already!)

wool coat- H&M
jewel sweater- some japanese label
plaid dress- the design closets
bag- samantha thavasa
boots- anne klein

the weather was quite cold and we were used to it yet since we just touched down, so we ended up in a cafe for some hot chocolate!

random selfies;
ps/ i did my makeup on a moving bus, not bad right teehee

selfie with my grandma!! her skills quite on point right :O

unexpected good hair day.
the flight didn't cause hair static for me woohoo (cheap thrills teehee)

every alley here is so colourful and full of life.
if only singapore was more open to this kind, which would probably be deemed as "graffiti" unfortunately..

i call this the overly pink lane hahaha

next stop- jeju island!

i've been to jeju exactly 10 years ago, so i don't remember much about it other than visiting a teddy bear museum haha.
the wind here is absolutely...unforgiving.
yes that'll be the word to describe it.
we were fighting with the wind the whole time cos its made our hair fly everywhere and we look like mad people in photos! 
times like these i wish i had short hair haha.

by this point i kinda already given up on battling the wind lol. 

posting this cos... just look at my grandma hahahaha 
most epic grandma award anyone?

dinner was simple korean fare, but it provided much comfort from the cold weather outside.

and thats it for day 1!
we didn't do much really, most of the time was spend transiting from airport to airport and just trying to adapt to the local environment.
day 2 will be more exciting i promise!!

till the next;

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