Sunday, 29 March 2015


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had brunch (again) with nikks haha, whats new right?
this time its at pacamara, located at upper thomson:)
its quite easy to get there, from marymount mrt, take bus 410 from exit A for two stops, then facing the whole line of shops, walk all the way to the far left and its the last shop!:)

nikks and i absolutely loved the clean, white minimalist interior of pacamara.
very modern and stylish.

here's what we got!

truffle eggs benny 
banana french toast 
flat white (nikk's)
(no we did not eat the cactus. jonny asked this ridiculous qn and it made us laugh so hard lol!!)
the eggs benny was pretty good! 
the truffle fragrance was rather distinct and melded in well with the hollandaise sauce.
for the toast/bread it wasn't the best i had though!

and the french toast...
so sweet omg hahaha.
the caramel sauce is really super thick and sweet, it makes it gelat so its best for sharing.
even though we shared i couldn't finish my portion (1 piece of the toast).
however, i really have to commend the unique combi!
the banana and granola worked so so well together, it was marvelous.
also the toast was well done, crispy but soft on the inside, yums!


made use of the pretty interior to take some otds hehe!

really haven't worn such a girly ensemble in awhile!
but it feels good to be back to my roots hehe.
oh and my mum and i have the same shoe size so... kope!! hehehe

embellished wool shift dress in baby blue from lacepipe
bag from online
shoes from my mum (hahaha)

this is how pacamara looks like on the outside if you guys were wondering!
equally as classy;)
loveeee the silver accents omg.

Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters
185 Upper Thomson Road
Tue to Sun: 9am – 11pm
Nearest Station: Marymount

nikks and i had a super successful shopping trip after that omg. 
i haven't bought so much stuff in a really long time, been on a shopping hiatus lately!
but i loved all the loots alot so its definitely worth my 2.5 day pay haha!!

met up with the llamas for sylvie and cw's surprise bday celebration after!
one act atas shot with cw in the cd store haha.
we were actually just resting there cos we know our dear friend chay can spend hours in a cd store haha.

and since the night was young, we randomly roamed the esplanade/fullerton bay area.
this picture below omg..act demure only lor everyone hahaha (esp sylvia)

auntie sylvia nagging at everyone again hahaha
and then...
this crazy girl asked me to take a photo of her acting like a homeless person?!
like seriously sometimes i just wanna say omg i dont know you -_-
crazy girl hahahah

purple mbs hehe

such a happy day spent with my dearest friends :')
love you guys to the moon and back.

till the next;

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