Saturday, 28 February 2015


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hello everyone!!
its abit late but i'm finally blogging about my first valentines with D :)))

i'm really lucky because he's in scdf and got to book out one day before valentine's, while most of the rest were still stuck in bmt.
and so i am even more grateful for our time spent together :)

we spent the day before valentines having waffles at night then chilling in my room, coming up with a list of things we want to do in future!
we didn't come up with alot of ideas cos the silly boy kept tickling me!! pfft.. -_-


it was our monthsary a day before he booked out too, so we didn't manage to celebrate it together.
but he still got me a little present when we met up :')
thankful for little things like this.
honestly from the bottom of my heart, i am satisfied with what i have now, i don't need any more fancy stuff or expensive material goods.
i see alot of chanels or tiffany&co on social media during valentines, and technically there's really nothing wrong with receiving a treat once in awhile.
but for me, i think i'm already beyond blessed, even without all these stuff.
 i certainly don't expect daniel to get me such stuff to say the least, even if he doesn't feel heart pain for his wallet i'll feel heart pain for him haha.
just having his company is more than enough for me.

and so we celebrated valentine's day as simple as possible.
i told him not to get me flowers cos on this "special" day flowers are 10 times more expensive, which is ridiculous :x
and i wasn't expecting any gifts at all, since he wouldn't have had time to get any cos he just booked out.
but...this silly boy surprised me with a simple butterfly necklace which has my name carved on the back.
i asked him how he found the time to prep this and he said he got in in taiwan a few months back, cos he knew he would be stuck in camp and wouldn't have time.
i literally melted ahhhh :') 
not because of the gift but because he is so so thoughtful and even planned this months in advance :')
i'm really not an accessory kinda person (too lazy..) but i'll make sure i wear this everyday. 

so on the actual day, we spent half the day nua-ing in my room, just sitting on the floor and talking about random stuff, and taking some random selfies which turned out to be so unglam and silly!

i have no idea what we were doing, i think we were trying to give a scary, badass look!
this is attempt 1, daniel says its a failed shot cos i look cute pfft
attempt 2;
i'd say its a pass? :D are we badass yet hahaha

attempting a small eye look hehe

hahaha derp face super on point?! 

us in our natural state hehe

and then we finally forced ourselves to get our lazy bums out of the house cos we were getting hungry and also, we were supposed to head to Save Our Street Dogs' adoption drive in town!

after wandering around town for awhile we settled at Strictly Pancakes cos i was craving pancakes!
i got the rum and raisin pancake with banana while he got the beef one!
mine was really sweet and the first few mouthfuls were heavenly, but it gets gelat after awhile so i couldn't finish it and daniel had to finish it for me :x

we also had a mini photography competition before dinner!
this is my shot hehe

and then after i took mine he was like "alrightttt im gonna win this! omg my shot so artsy sia"
so i was like "oh gg, rly ah.."
then when i saw his shot...
i burst out laughing hahaha!
"what is this lahhhh"
"not artsy meh?"
"hahaha ok ok whatever u say -continues laughing-"
we got matchy matchy phone covers as well!
abit cliche but its ok, i think its nice teehee.

dinner was really heavy so we were in a lazy, food coma state and decided to find another spot to just chill again lol.
seriously, our favourite activity is chilling and just doing nothing haha.
so we chilled at a rooftop garden and just talked about everything.
i love quality time like this.

took a few pictures at the helix bridge before heading home, just for keepsake.

poser daniel hahaha
i love this pic hehe so cutes!

our first valentine's together, and i'm sure there'll be many more to come.
alot of people have been asking me to blog about our story, how we met and things like that, but i think i'll keep that for another time ;)

till the next;

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