Thursday, 12 March 2015

Pearl of the Orient I

/ / m a i n / /

visual post for cny, not gonna elab much!
this year's cny is super slack and chill, i didn't even bother shopping for new clothes, just grabbed some dress that i haven't worn before from my stockpile lolol.

prolly only half of the girls! my (extended) family is hugeeee

the boys! also about half of them present here only haha.
one of my distant cousins is half african american! she's very smart haha.

my fav cousin<3

fashionista grandma
the tham siblings

i love you bb boy<3

fav grandaunt, aunt and granduncle ever :')

cny is always so fun cos i get to see the kiddos.
much love for everyone hehe.
hopefully you guys had a fruitful cny too! (applies to angpaos also lah hahaha)

till the next;

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