Friday, 10 August 2012

*Winter Bear*

hello everyone :) I'm sure you guys remember my post which i talked about the Lancome workshop i had with Michelle Phan right?:) Well, Lancome and TANGS have kindly sent me some of their star products for me to try out and review! <3 Thank you so much once again to the team at TANGS and Lancome ;) 

For those who would like to read about the awesome Lancome workshop, do so here! :)

The products were hand delivered to my doorstep, super efficient and thoughtful of them:)

and here are the products i received!:)

Lancome Blanc Expert, Derm Crystal Serum
Lancome Genefique 

 Just in case you guys can't read what is on the packaging, here's what is says:
"To recreate from skin deep layers an ideal of a luminous and translucent skin, Lancome conceives the Dermactyl complex. Empowered with a new whitening QD active designed to awake luminous dermis, it favours the production of new brighter collagen fibers and the regulation of melanin production in order to free skin of spots and darkeness."

 Basically its a whitening/brightening serum that works from the dermis layer to achieve skin luminosity and translucency from within:) Alot of whitening products work on the epidermis(topmost layer), and its effects are not as obvious. But for this product, it works from the dermis layer( inner layer), so you will really have glowy and bright skin, from within ;)

Also, I really love its texture, its fluidity and easily absorbed texture is awesome, and non oily as well!:) So after application and gentle massaging, it is quickly absorbed and your skin feels fresh and non sticky:) It has a nice subtle scent as well which is not overpowering:)

 Its full size is 30ml i think, which is the size i got, and retails at about $175 :)

And here is Emma Watson looking fabulous for this campaign;)
Next up, another one of Lancome's star product, Genefique( Youth Activator)!

This youth activating concentrate stimulates the production of youth proteins for a younger and youthful look. And its said that you can see visibly younger skin in 7 days:) I let my mum try this product and its her 4th day using it, she says her skin looks more radiant:) It also refines the skin's texture and evenness :)

You can get these 2 products at TANGS (Vivocity, Orchard) :) And visit their facebook site for updates and promos!:)) 

Some random snaps from my iphone~~

Whole rack of Cath Kidston beauty products!!! At Takashimaya :) ALL SUPER PRETTY CAN :)

my fav horlicks mcflurry is back! And this time with added cornflakes yay:

Sweet treats at the highly raved Pique Nique!

little menu heh

got some macaroons! Love the vintage floral box <3

i tried red velvet, salted caramel and coffee. All tastes rich and super awesome:) The shell is a teeny bit hard though:O
 And mom bought all these from Watsons for me ^^ How she know me so well! My BB cream/sunscreen was running out alr:)

here's what she got for me:
Maybelline BB Stick (haven't tried it yet, if anyone needs a review of this do lmk:) )
Double eyelid glue ( no idea how to use it.. maybe mum wants me to experiment before she buys it for herself lol)
Dollywink Eyebrow pencil in Dark Brown:) Tried this alr, its awesome!
Maybelline Hypersharp liner ( eye liners are not my thing, mum prob forgot to keep this cos i think its hers 0.0)
Dr Wu Intensive Whitening Toner<3
 Scrapbooking materials from a craft store at Suntec! I bought from them before, they're still having the 40% off ^^

 And a month back me and mom headed to ION for some shopping and we picked the annual Samantha Thavasa Day to get some samantha goodies:) Its our once a year trip lol cos on this special day there is 10% storewide! :)

Zara Mint Camisole
Lace and Ebony Louie pleated skirt in Blue
Wonderlust Pastel Green belt (set of 5)

 upclose of gorgeous prints:

review: Awesome catch from Lace and Ebony once again:) Got this at 15% off cos of vanity trove:) Its made of structured cotton and relatively ok in terms of thickness, but i think it may fur over time? Length is ok for me but may be short for those above 160:O Very nice and vibrant prints as you can see in the upclose :)) Oh and it has pleats as well<3 A good buy!:)
 Bag of the day:
Samantha Thavasa Furry Bag in Snow White :)) <3<3 gift from mom last year:)
other OTD snaps!

 in Zara's fitting room. I tried on this pastel yellow crotchet skirt:) Super pretty, but too big for me:( Zara's items are always too big for me >(

 Look at the scallop hems so pretty ^^

And... here's a new addition to the samantha collection :)) I was torn between another charcoal brown one, but mum said this light khaki brown is easier to pair so ok i chose this one:) Mum said that she'll kope this to use sometimes haha.

I love the bear<3 and it has fluffy trimmings, gives off a wintery feel ^^

 accessories :)!
 Got the pearl ribbon accessory for FREE:) And it retailed for $69 so yay glad that we got it free:) and the other heart shaped one is super pretty as well:) <3

Here's how the bag looks like when carried ^^

ok thats all, bye!

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