Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Hazel Twinkle~

Sponsored Review: SPICYHOTCAKE

Hey everyone<3 im back more pretty accessories reviews, accessories kindly sponsored by Spicyhotcake :)

As you all probably know, i love pastel stuff so when i received this necklace i was like Wheee xD The flowers are all in pretty pastel shades, and it has a small crystal in the middle<3  The flower petals are in a cute heart shape as well hehe. A sweet necklace to amp up your outfits!

I've never had long bead/pearl necklaces before so i was pleased to receive this lilac one as well^^ Lilac is one of the hottest hues of the season and right on trend! The long length and subtle layers make it an elegant piece to own ;) I think it will complement simple outfits very nicely:))

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random musings!

super lameeee haha xD

LOLOL i never thought of it this way!


i love this pic the most haha.


 Oh yes, and i finally tried out the ever famous PS Cafe! Here are some snippets:)


Truffle fries! SO GOOD<3

fish n chips! so so only haha.
yups so as you can see i've given a short review on the food there xD Truffle fries are awesome, fish n chip not so much. The atmosphere is nice though! And nicely decorated:)

Wells, anyway i had a great Sunday out with my family:) Watched Batman and dropped by the Suntec Convention for the Online Pop Up Stores ;)

LB Jubilee Bralet XS White
AE Corrine Skirt in Pastel Green (to me its just mint lol)

short review of both items!

LB: Love x3 this top! Its so pretty ^^ The floral eyelets are nicely done and the cutting for this top is quite flattering:) I like this colour alot hehe, chose the right colour cos it pairs with anything:) And the straps are adjustable! Oh but it is a cropped design though, so unless you are daring in your dressing, its better to pair it with high waist stuff to minimize exposure lol:)

AE: At about $23 its a steal! Got it during the 10% GSS promo period:) The colour is stated as pastel green i think, but its just aka mint:) A very sweet colour, has stretchable waistband(hidden) and awesome flare cutting:) Made of polyester i think, has a slight sheen:) Nothing to complain about this skirt<3 I love it so much i got it in lilac as well, will review that another time:)

Bag Of The Day!

Charles and Keith Pastel Yellow Barrel Bag ~$69

caught my eye immd when i stepped into charles n keith haha. I'm seriously nuts over pastel. and this yellow-cream hue is so pretty<3<3 At ~$69 its an ok price i guess, cos its of good quality, and other bags i usually get at accessorize, MNG, Zara etc will prob cost this price or more. So its a good deal to me :)

I spent time doing up my hair that day hehe. some selcas xD

Look at the Sugarbunny ^^ so fluffy right! <3

Mint X Pastel Yellow

hi again fluffy xD 

Shoe of the day! ;) Korean Ribbon heels. (my most expensive buy from bugis street at $40) :O But it is comfy + SUPER PRETTY :) Check out my mint and pink nails lol xD

suntec convention! Map+ booth directory:)

 here are how the stalls basically looked like:
 I actually didn't buy anything from the convention, cos there was too many ppl at the stores i like so i couldn't see the items properly. Esp at HVV! crowded like mad @.@ Managed to see some items at CWC though:) Decided to save for purchases i really like:) Oh and everyone got a goodie bag which was basically two magazines, the older issues though(june). 0.0

Stopped by Citylink afterwards to get some Hershey for my chocolate obsessed brother.

 my other OTD(Paired with Her Vintage Store's Salmon Knit Cardigan<3

 Yups thats all! Happy National Day everyone~~~

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