Sunday, 19 August 2012

Bella Stilo: Vintage

Hi!!!:) I'm finally back with another Bella Stilo series:) Many thanks to a reader who reminded me on formspring to update this series hehe. Have been really busy lately!><

Today's theme is Vintage! :) I'm sure there are lots of vintage lovers out there, simply because it is a style that is really special, you can mix and match any way you want to add your own touch. Pile on the accessories, hats etc, or you can even mix the different prints, it works as well :) And, vintage will never go out of date, oh the irony ;)

Today's Ensemble:
Take A Flight Swallows Blouse from The Banana Party
Dotted Midi Skirt in Rust from Catwalkclose
Floral Headband from Earl Grey Party
Dusty Pink Flats from FEP

For this vintage post, i decided to go for a mix in prints and throw in a headband for a relaxing, boho touch;) So its Boho-Vintage for my take:) And sparrows + polka dots for the top and skirt respectively:) Also, colours like rust are perfect for a vintage look because they give off an olden day feel. Florals are also very popular for the vintage theme, mostly appearing as cuff sleeve midi dresses, long sleeve tops or knee length skirts. But i used a floral headband instead for a more modern take ;)

Thats all for this Vintage series:))

Received a lovely cascading ruffles dress from the pastel house! In my current fav shade: Lilac ;D

I really like the lilac shade hehe. The length is longer than usual dresses so its work appropriate for working ladies:) The cutting is good as well, tapered in at the waist to create an illusion of a slimmer silhouette:) Oh yes, this dress is also under The Pastel House's label! Which means its exclusively manufactured ;) And of course the ruffles are also flattering and its made of chiffon for that part which means it flows nicely:) The black part is thick and no VPL will be seen:)

So yes, visit THE PASTEL HOUSE alright!:)
Will update again soon!<3 

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