Saturday, 4 August 2012

Close To My Heart

Hey guys ^^ So sorry if you guys are already bored of my pic spams of my cute cousin! He's such a sweetheart, everytime i visit my relatives in msia i just can't help snapping pics of him hehe xD

One of my most relaxing and well spent weekends in months:) Well spent to me doesn't have to mean being on task 100% and revising/studying well! I had such a meaningful weekend in msia with my dearest grand aunt, grand uncle, aunt and these two energetic munchkins :) Just relaxing and spe nding quality time tgt!

Cupcakes in the making! Me and my grandaunt have this shared passion and love for cooking/baking ;)

pretty cupcake paper i bought at cold storage :)) Its so pretty i can't bear to use it all boohoo

Bright yellow mixing bowl to chase away any blues!

White Cupcakes, placed together like a flower haha :)

Oreo (unbaked) ones! Tasted great as well! If only we had ingredients for the icing hmmm

The traditional/original flavoured Horlicks which is so hard to find in Spore now! My must drink when i go to my grandaunt's house. This is actually my fav flavour, as compared to the ones we get at supermarkets which tastes really weird:(

my happy (and hungry) cous! He ate 3 cupcakes at one go omg, pro!


and i just love the cosy atmosphere at my grandaunt's house! I'm really close to them so they have alot of pics of me in their house haha, and the trinkets and ornaments i made for their birthdays:) I made it when i was super young so some of it are quite ugly haha, but they still display it! -touched-

Super young me 0.0 In australia i think!

Omg this is the rather fail cow i made(sewed) for my granduncle for his bday years back haha. Cos his zodiac sign is a cow:) mooooo

 the pic collage thing i made for my grandaunt just 1 year back:)

haha polaroids we took! Look at the pig one! my cheeky cous haha xD

this huge ass pic of me omg. Its rly huge, like bigger than A4 size? and i looked like a dumbdumb -_-

Haha the photo frame that i made from scratch! (moulded, shaped and painted!) The shape not bad right xD But the paint err.. 

one of my fav pics:) taken at my aunt's wedding:) was i a cute kid? xD 

 the garden patch outside the house!:) Which i used to help clear the weeds k! Omg and there were gross things in the soil :(

and my grandaunt grows her own aloe vera(which cant be seen in this pic) :) And makes awesome desserts out of it!

model in the making! hahaha

why that look ahha 

we had seafood for dinner~:) the lobsters were huge 0.0

looking good!



hope you guys aren't too bored! My life isn't say super exciting haha. But i love doing posts like this one cos it really lets me reflect on things and appreciate my family<3

and moving on to other things which you guys may be more interested in~~

Reviews! Rly backdated though, sry!

Lilypirates Porcelain Hem Dress (White), S

Review: A rly pretty and demure dress!:):) I like the smooth material and of course the gorgeous hemlines;) The cutting is really flattering as well, its an A-line design:) But the length is abit long for me imo, so im not sure if i want to keep it :/ if anyone is int do lmk!:) Oh yes, this dress is abit big for me at the waist area but nothing a belt can't solve:) Might be slightly sheer if you wear dark undergarments, so stick to light coloured ones and it won't be a prob:) Overall worth the price! Lovely design, cutting and i personally like the material cos its cooling 8D

Swivelle Lace Tea Frock in Lilac

Review: hehe, have been eyeing this dress since Swivelle uploaded their lookbook on facebook:) Colour is darker in real life as compared to their lookbook, but still acceptable to me:) I think it would be nicer if it was one shade lighter:) But the lace panels are prettyyyy:)) I'm a sucker for anything lace if any of you have noticed haha. There's only one size for this dress though, and its abit big for me at the ptp+waist :/ Oh yes this dress has a criss cross design at the back as well:) Like TTR's floral dress in col 114:) If anyone is keen in this dress do lmk:) might be letting it go cos the fit is abit too big :/

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