Monday, 6 August 2012

Beauty Post!

Hey guys! This long overdue post is finally up yay! So sry to the reader who requested for this post, i know its rly overdue -_- 

Anyway:) The first few pics are me bare faced, with no editing done:) Some under yellow based lighting and some under white/natural lighting:)

Na. here's an unglam pic of me -_-
 My skin is actually not considered very good? I mean i'm prone to breakouts, usually due to stress/heaty food -_- (like now..) And its pretty sensitive :/ but nonetheless i try to take good care of it:)

And now, here are the products i use on a daily basis! Aka my current daily regime:))

-Eau Thermale Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser
-Clinique Moisture Surge (moisturizer)
-Kiehl's Calendula Toner
-Dermcare( Jap brand ) White Perfect Essence
-Clinique All About Eyes Serum
-L'oreal Renewal Lash Serum
-Eau Thermale Avene Oil Control Lotion(moisturizer)

For my cleansing regime, i basically use the Eau Thermale Extremely Gentle Cleanser twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, and i use L'occitane's brightening foam wash in the afternoon after i come back from school:) The Eau Thermale cleanser is a waterless one, which means that you just apply it on a cotton pad and cleanse, no rinsing needed. I don't like to wash my face too many times a day cos its drying for my skin, so this waterless one is a great alternative, and it doesn't irritate my skin at all:) 

For toner, i like to change brands quite often to find out which one suits me best:) And i find that after using a certain brand for too long, the effects of the toner gradually become less obvious :/ So a few days ago i just finished my Kiehls toner! Used every drop of it:) It smells like chrysanthemum haha, and its really gentle and just improves my skin tone overall, it helps with oil production too! 

Now, my fav whitening product! Dermcare White Perfect Essence!:) Its a Japanese brand and its not avail at local pharmacies/shopping centres. I think its exclusive to certain facial salons in Singapore;) Mum bought this for me from her salon at Clementi:) I'm not sure about the price though, if any of you are keen u can ask me and i'll find out for you:) Its the BEST whitening essence i have ever used. Really does wonders! My skin tone has upped like 2 shades since using this haha. I mean now my face+neck is so much whiter than the rest of my body that people ask me if i put makeup even though i don't! Its non oily and absorbs real fast. Thumbs up for this wonder product!

Moisturizer wise, i use Clinique's moisture surge for my cheeks and chin, and the Eau Thermale oil control one for my T-zone cos i have combination skin:) Both moisturizers are pretty good! The eau thermale one really helps in oil control, it keeps my face matte for quite long:)

And eye care! I actually haven't tried alot of eyecare products cos alot of those in the market target wrinkles :/ This clinique one is okay imo, refreshing and cooling to the touch, but because i always stay up late, the effects aren't that obvious :/ Okays and i did a post on the Lash Renewal Serum before here! Its my most raved about product haha:) 

-My Melody X Lovemore Masks
-Clinique Derma White Mask
-The Body Shop Honey And Oat Mask

My fav one will be the Clinique mask!:) Cos it really has obvious effects, my skin is instantly rosy and glowy after using it:) A very good mask imo ;) The honey and oat mask's effect is not that great but it is the BEST SMELLING mask ever<3 hahaha every time i use it smells so yummy that i'm tempted to eat it lol. And the lovemore mask, ok- ok overall. Some are better than the rest, the pink one def is my fav:)

Special Mention: Dr Wu Intensive Whitening Toner!

hehe this toner is like my fav toner so far. I've finished my bottle of it last month and tried the Eau Thermale toner this month, but i've decided this is still my fav:) Non oily, gentle scent, AWESOME whitening effects ;)

yups hope this post has been useful!! You can formspring me (sidebar) if you have any queries:)

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