Tuesday, 21 August 2012

National Day 12' ;D

 Wheee here's my national day post finally! So backdated oops :x And becos its Spore's bday, my OTD is red and white!:) But sadly i was the only one in the family who wore red and white zzz. The others wore green, purple and all. @.@ tsktsk.

My fav red satchel from HVV ;))

HVV Padas Textured Satchel in Red
Topshop Inspired Crotchet Waist dress (this item is going to be in my upcoming personal held spree! yay or nay?;)
Topshop Pearl Collar Necklace

 Outside the hair studio waiting for it to open cos i was early:)

And here's the awesome salon i went to:)
Style Lab Salon & Boutique at SCAPE:))

 Comfy cushiony seats and nicely decorated surroundings:)

Shinier and smoother hair after a haircut + Loreal treatment^^
and an upclose of the crotchet waist details:)

 And.. some random food snaps:)

My newest creation! Pan Sauteed Scallop Aglio Olio Spaghetti with Basil and Tomatoes. :) Look good?^^

 Donuts are my newest obsessions :) But they're so fattening!!!><

 And for those who are camping for TVD's launch, hope this short review of the peterpan blouse helps!:)

Baby Blue: ( colour more true to tvd's pics )


Review: SUPER GORGEOUS :) I love the embossed details its super pretty irl. A must get for embroidery/embossed lovers like me imo xD The peterpan collar is really cute as well:) Colours are more pastel based, my favs are baby blue and white. Lilac was oos at kissjane alr so no comments on that colour. Mauve is slightly darker than in TVD's pics imo. Material is chiffon(abit rough kind) but its still acceptable, not uncomfy or anything:) There is a button at the back of the blouse as well. Priced at $31.90 at kissjane. Overall i really love this top:) Confirm camping for it<3 :))

Good day everyone:))

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