Friday, 17 August 2012

Turquoise Daisies~

Day out with my family on Sunday!:)

I've just had a haircut and treatment done from Style Lab (@Scape) and i'm really pleased with it! Will be doing another post on that soon ;)

Pre haircut: Thick and kinda heavy hair. After photos in another post!

Wore my necklace from epicfas again! <3 Super love it:)) Rmb to quote "FELICIA" for FOC normal postage and visit owner Amelia's blog for a discount code! :))

Furry Hearts Bag
The Design Closet Daisy Print Dress (Turquoise)

Review: Bought this dress because of its design!:) Love the small cute daisies and turquoise is my fav colour!:) Length is just right for me and its cinched in at the waist with a side zip:) But its still abit too big for me at the waist area, nonetheless it can be solved with a belt:) Made of very lightweight material but i don't think its sheer because of the colour. A very good buy cos i really love the design!<3

Lunch was at Vivocity with my parents;)We tried out this chinese restaurant called Hei Se Hui (Bosses) :O

Fried fish thing which doesn't look all that good but tastes really good!!

My fav dimsum dish of the day!! Liu Sha Bao<3 Its so yummy ^^

Look at all the goodness inside lolol. I'm craving for some now ><
Of course with every dim sum meal there has to be Xiao Long Bao:)
Some veggie thing:)
Pan fried Bee hoon, the atas(?) style lol! Never seen before this kind of cooking style, the bee hoon is really all stuck together like a pan cake, and really crispy:O
Served with shelled prawns:)

And on the day home there was some NDP thing (ok now this post's lateness is exposed...)

Arm candy:) My trusty cosmopolitan watch:) Still my fav watch of all time since years back:)
ok thats all! Do pardon my shorter posts cos i'm churning out all these posts amidst the musical performances and stuff which lasts till 11pm daily!!  More on that next time:)

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