Thursday, 2 April 2015

K O R E A (3.0)

// m a i n //

hello everyone!! 
here's the continuation of day 2:)

we went mountain climbing at jeju!

anyway we only managed to climb up halfway cos.. too tired zzz.
the guys managed to climb all the way to the top though! 
this is our view:

and this was more or less their view (taken from google tho!):
visitors were allowed to climb till the reached the tip of the concave shaped crater thing, which allowed them to look into the crater.
my cousin looks like some eskimo here hehe

i can't even explain how crazy the winds were (again)
so.. just look at these unglam pictures which best depicted the situation lol!

wowww look at those expressions, all supermodel material already hehehe

next stop- teddy bear museum

this is me giving the grumpy face cos..honestly the museum was a disappointment. 
we went to another teddy bear museum here on jeju 10 years back and the quality of the bears and exhibits were of much much better quality.
the one this time is just meh. 

but well since we already paid for the tickets might as well make the most of what we paid for!

this was probably my fav out of the safari theme on the first level!
i spotted a camel which i deem as sylvia!! (camel and llamas.. somewhat similar la)
so i sat on it and wanted to whatsapp sylvie telling her i saw her in jeju!
but omg my cousin nailed this shot hahaha.
that use of prop -two thumbs up-

okay the black bear behind me looks like it wants to eat me lol.
just realized :x

yeah who's a badass king hohoho
prob my fav section of the museum, the victorian/royal themed section.

see what i mean by the "quality of the bears"?... :/
workmanship not on point imo hmmm.

bear version of famous art pieces.
this one is birth of venus if i'm not wrong.
L/ i spotted ares!! (ares pride forever)
they had athena, artemis and apollo too but well i didn't take a picture cos im loyal to ares teehee.
R/  the most expensive bear in the museum.
around 200000 usd i think?

and thats it for day 2!!
day 3 is quite exciting as well:)
keep a lookout for it!

till the next;

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