Friday, 29 November 2013

Soft Curls

Hey guys!:)) So sometime back i went to Salon Vim for a hairstyle change! It was my birthday month and there was a special offer so i decided to do something other than my usual treatment sessions:) My stylist Joyce suggested that i do a soft perm to add more volume, and im really really glad i did it! Soft perm is basically a process that softens the upper portion of your hair and perms the 1/3 lower half near the hair ends. 

Its really important to go to a salon and stylish you trust before making any major changes to your hair, sometimes even a haircut can go awry! The last time i did a perm was like 5 years back, and it was really horrible. The salon i went to was actually quite established, but they hired all prc stylists (not trying to discriminate, just stating a fact that the salon did hire all prcs) and i don't think they are well trained. So basically they made a mess and fried the bottom half of my hair,made it so dry that i couldn't stand it and went to straighten it the next day, end of story lol. Okay learning point? Go to a stylish you trust. 

So anyways Joyce did a really awesome job!! I really do love the outcome:) I can't believe my hair can still be soft even after the perm :) the upper half is def much more manageable too after the softening:) two thumbs up!!

It looks very natural when let down, and when tied up it has volume and bounce, just the way i like it :)!

Pricing probably would range for different hair lengths so do call and ask first! For the first 2 weeks or so when i tied it up the curls kinda stuck out in different directions if i did not blow dry using salon-like techniques, which i admit was a little bit annoying.

But when let down it looks super nice and natural. After the first 2 weeks the curls loosen up abit and when i tied it up (even without blow dry or anything) it looked swishy, voluminous, doesn't stick out and so so gorgeous <3 (not my hair la, the effect i mean haha.) So, if you're looking for something really natural and doesn't dry /fry your hair, this would probably suit you! Because of the softening at the upper portion my hair is now much softer, smoother and easier to manage as well.

As for how long this soft perm lasts, according to Joyce it'll stay for as long as you don't cut it. But i think like all chemical treatments the effect will wear off, but if you cut/trim then obviously it goes away alot faster. It has been about 1.5 months and so far the curls are still there, just that it loosened abit from the first 2 weeks and its not say very defined, just adds volume which is definitely still noticeable. It looks more obvious when tied up though.

So anyway! I did up a collage here so you guys can see for yourselves before and after haha. I have to say the "before" was quite meh, cos the random hairdresser i went to over layered my hair and it became super wispy.
FIrst pic above is before, two pics below is after! Its so much more manageable, for the first pic, i tried umpteen ways to tame it and for the 2 pics below i just used a little bit of hair serum and voila, super easy:)

 (PS/the two pics are fresh from Willowfawn's photoshoot a few days ago! Upcoming off shoulder knit top ;) Sign up for the mailing list by dropping an email to!)

So yups thank you Salon Vim and Joyce!!<3

After that i went to look for some products that is specially meant to maintain curls and here's what i got!
(PS/ got some Loreal products for curls from Salon Vim as well, will show u guys in another post!)

Ma Cherie Perfect Showe Hair Treatment Water (Waves)

I've been using it pretty religiously and it smells super awesome!! Helps hold the curls and make them last longer, have a nicer shape as well:)

Since i was in watsons, picked up some other stuff as well!

KATE Slim Create Powder (For highlighting and contouring)
I've used this alr, its quite subtle and great for building up:) You know how some bronzers just seem too dark and unnatural?>< This one sculpts your cheekbones and contours very naturally:) I don't really use the highlight portion though, cos i still prefer my Canmake highlighter:)
Maybelline Rocket, a new product on the shelve:) Tried it once already, i have long lashes so i don't really go for extending the length, but this one makes my lashes blacker and darker so it looks more defined and have more volume:) It doesn't clump, is waterproof, doesn't melt and can be removed quite easily:) Quite happy with this as well:)
Got this from TANGS!
Benefit's new product- Rockateur
This product to me is like a 2 in 1 blush and bronzer. Because of the slightly darker and warmer shade, on my somewhat light skin colour it has a sculpting effect and adds a glow and pop of colour:) This is actually good for everyday use, gives a natural flushed look:)

Oh and it doesn't look that shimmery in real life! The shimmers are just an overspray, like at the top layer, after a few uses the shimmer will disappear. It definitely isn't too over the top when applied:)

Some random OTDs for brunch/town trips!

Lace and Ebony's Crochet Dress in White, S

Made of smooth polyester which is very light, white is very slightly sheer even with inner lining. But i don't think its a big problem though! Features a side zip for easy wearing. The length is just nice, ends about 2 inches above the knees which is a flattering length for me. So, the selling point of this dress is the floral crochet/lace details at the waistband, which i admit is quite pretty:) Oh and it has pressed pleats as well. Its a pretty simple dress if you ask me, not much to complain about other than the slight sheerness and i find that the cutting is not flared enough for me. You know how some dresses are cut in at the waist to give a slightly flared cut but its not flared enough to make it super flattering? Yups i think this is one of those dresses!

TVD Summer Embroidered Sundress in Lilac, S

I don't usually go for these straight cut flowy dresses but it was on sale and i think the lilac embroidery paired with the cream base is really pretty!! I think that this will look nice on slightly taller girls who can pull off the straight flowy look without being overwhelmed. I like the sweetheart cut and its also elasticized at the back for a better fit:) I took S which i think fits UK4-6 best, because the elasticized back may make it abit tight at the PTP for UK8 and above. Its made of rough chiffon which is supposed of better quality than smooth chiffon. Because of my petite frame i have to pair it with the complementary sash so that the cut fits me:) For these kind of dresses, i don't simply tie the sash around, after tying the sash in a ribbon(see pics above), i pull upwards slightly so that the sash is partially covered and above the sash there is a slight poof. This gives more balance and make me look not so "column" shaped haha. Overall im quite happy with this buy! Super digging the lilac embroidery details!!

till the next!

If you guys still have any questions regarding the soft perm or any requests for special posts do leave a comment on my askfm! I'll try my best to answer/do up the posts!:)


  1. oh hey i was thinking of going to Salon Vim too! Went there once before but the perm is really ex >< but it was super nice! How much did you pay this time?

    1. Hello!:) yups i agree! Its super nice<3 paid about 150 after special discount:)!

  2. hey did you actually done soft rebonding and c curls?

    1. hi, i did softening for upper half and soft perm for bottom half:)