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ARCANE: mysterious, secretive...magical.

Hola, today's post will be on Arcane, Ares' faculty outing, party of the year ;) I also went for Athena's FO a few weeks back and of course... i loved ares' FO the most! Aresian pride <3 

Warning: Picture heavy post with too many unglam photos, read at own risk ;)

But first.. starting off with #ootd for the night!:)
Specially had this shipped from ASOS for this event! Cos Arcane is such a hard theme to fufil.. but luckily i spotted this on ASOS and thought it fit the theme perfectly! 

ASOS Petite Exclusive Skater Dress in Broderie Anglaise 


Bought this when it was on sale on asos hehe, at a discounted price of 60+ (which is not very cheap if you compare it to local blogshops but then again the difference in quality is vast). So anyways! This is a super pretty dress with floral embossments which is of such good quality. Its not sewn on, not printed on as well, when you touch it its like you can feel its slightly 3D, but very subtle. The blue and white contrasts very nicely in my opinion, and the darker thick stripe across the bottom hem adds a modern feel to the dress. It has pleats as well, bonus point:) Oh and of course, side cut outs which is another focus point of the dress:) Its only a subtle one in my opinion, nothing over the top but makes the dress even more unique. I really do like this dress, but i think i'm letting it go cos i got it specially for this event(arcane) and probably won't have much chance to wear it in future:/ email me at if you're int! Its tagged UK6 from the petite series, fits me well with slight allowance:)

& just one selca to show fotd, did a simple look with soft smokey eyes being the focus, nothing over the top:)

Whee! Totally excited for my first Ares faculty outing!! The ticket was so gorgeous<3 Its made of some atas textured material somemore, as usual everything Ares is so classy;)

Door gift which was so apt, fizzy candy and bubbles, oh so magical.

My choristors!! Thank you guys for being so supportive and encouraging<3

When nikks is around... we selca.. ALOT hahaha

Me and my tiam sister<3 So much loveeee for you hehe
me and seah!

 this is pingz's lousy attempt at selca-ing hahaha, see end up blur one tsk.

 My classmates, all so smiley hehe
 chongsin looks so forced here hahaha, pingz made him take this photo as you can see.
 Yay class photo! I really do love S74, blessed to have such great, fun loving classmates :')
 In S74... we love taking photos like, really LOVE photos. Give us a camera and we will self service hahaha

 hahaha, OTP of the day, the checkered brothers Eug and Shijie! SJ looks like a farmer and eug looks like... a hamster as usual hahahaha qties.
And... chelzea attacks again oh gosh hahah. The best photobomber in my class, hands down.

 Eug looking scared here haha, but this is only the start wait till you guys see the EPIC photos later!!
This pingz be running after him literally!!
 "Nooo don't touch meeee!!!"
 "Oh no caught by pingz!!" 
PS/look at shijie's face full of disdain
 "Someone save me from pingz im dyin here!!!"

 "Ok fine if i agree to a pic will you leave me alone?"
-the only chance of a normal photo...photobombed by yumei and ele-
end of ping's sad story hahahahha

 My beloved PW(project work) group hahah! Our whatsapp group name is "Beauty and his beasts", as named by yiyang who is aka the self named beauty -_- and the girls are the "beasts" hahaha. So this is us giving him the "U KIDDING ME?!?!" look hahhahaah

 sigh my groupmates are... always cray cray hahaha
 pingz moving on to her next target and here is jonny looking scared as well hahahah. This signature "don't touch me!!" pose he learn from eug one hahaha.
 & we be unglam together!
 Yay a better class photo!! Love this shot hehe.
 YY and ele! So pretty that night! (YY im not talking about you coughs)
 My class's top photobomber and master of unglam faces(losing only to yy), miss chelzea chua who conveniently hopped into this photo when i was taking it XD
 many kisses for yumei whose bday fell on the day of FO!! Pingz why you ruin the shot hahaha
 This pingz on the hunt for eug again.. and my tiam sister saved eug from her hahahahha
 so she deserves a photo with eug hahahha

& then we headed to the photobooth, which has a name haha so cute, its called Lexie!
I LOVED LOVED LOVED the photobooth its so cool can. They have a wide array of props, and then Lexie prints out the photos for you in a vintagey manner like those japanese sticker photo thingies! And its available in soft copy form on facebook as well, plus the quality of the photos is super good! Two thumbs up for Lexie ;)

& here we are trying very hard to take a PW group photo and then yuanrong decides to crash cos her PW grp not around hahaha. 

 Tadah, this is how the photos look like after Lexie printed them out! SO NICE RIGHT -hops around-

& since im the one with the camera i'm also demoted to being the photographer of the day as usual hahaha.
 so erm.. here's a pic of pingz, her batchmate and... a chicken???
hahaha the chicken is yumei's troll bday present XD
 omg epic photobombed photo of the night!
yiyang why you do this to us hahaha
A normal nice PW group photo:) But photobombed by eugene at the side lol

Some of my closest girls in S74 :') So blessed to have met all of you<3
& whose finger is that tskkkk

Me and eug! My partner for defying gravity, which everyone said they loved the most out of all the songs we performed:') Thank you eug for being the best duet partner and being so encouraging when im nervous before the performance, or when i forget my lyrics sometimes. I've thoroughly enjoyed myself throughout the preparations for this performance and i think i've learnt so much from it. This is the first solo performance i've ever had, previously it was all performances with choir so it wasn't so scary. Even though i was still SO nervous during the perf iteself and kinda froze on stage but i have no regrets at all, it was such a life changing experience that made everything worthwhile.

  To watch out performance click hereeeeeeee!

Me and nikks my brunch/shopping buddy hehehe. Sorry this pic is so dark it NEEDS filters @.@

Lighting in the venue was actually really bad for photo taking in my opinion, like not flattering at all lol. But its okay that doesn't stop my class from selca-ing like no one's business hahahahah
Erm... Xianwang, the girls and... yishin????? What be doing you yi shin hahhahah

& then midway... they turned on the cray party lights which was RED cos red represents ARES<3
 & then there were strobe lights and flashing lights and i got dizzy hahahah, im not made for discos/clubbing obviously!!
 This han shu... who was late by like an hour and missed my performance!!! TSKKKKK

 4/7ers!! And i couldn't stop raving about how awesome my cam's flash is! I mean just look at the quality of the pic and perfect lighting :) It was super dark and this cam did a perfect job, lub max!

 One of my fav photos of the night!! The slightly blurred background and orange lights made it so pretty!
Reunited with my dearest LFC i love you guys so much, more than you guys will ever know :')
 love yall!! and.. who is that guy who keeps photobombing us tskkkk

 Hehe, line up according to height, qties be us! & this han shu is so tall i cant stand it hahaha. I'm wearing like 11cm wedges and she's still so much taller -_- go be model please han shu, or a giraffe is fine too hahaha

 Other people take normal pictures like "Smile!! say cheesee" and we be like "OMG GUYS LETS TAKE UNGLAM PHOTOS!!!"

 I mean whats lfc without unglam photos hahaha. But it seems like me and seah are the only masters of unglam the rest.. yall need to learn from me and seah!!!

 Chay complained that i was too tall that day so i have to bend down when taking pics with her haha
 & of course, solo shots with my bestie for lifeeeee llama seah!
She looks so pretty right hehe, the dress i pick for her one neh!!
Mui was like commenting, "wa, this seah so pretty hor"
And i was like "ya!! the dress i pick one leh ^_^"
Mui: "NO WONDER"  hahahahaha
Besties for life, cos i sincerely believe in that. <3

Yups i'm out of pictures! Super image heavy post, hope it didn't bore you guys! And i know my definition of "party" isn't really party lol, its more like social events but... this is already party level for me heh.

MOVING ON, some news to announce!!
I will be having a flea TOMORROW, 7/12 at JCUBE!
It starts at 11am, my booth is number 54!

What will be available at my booth? 

Pricing? $2-$15! 
Eg, a BN love bonito dress>> $10! 

Isnt that a super awesome deal???;) So yes be there or be square!!
 & come say hi to me won't you?:))) 

PS/ mention you're my blog reader/ quote etherealpeonies for $1 off the total bill (for purchases above $11) ;) 

Some sneaks of items that will be avail at super discounted prices:
Threadtheory Ciao Bella Off Shoulder Top in Jade, XS, BNIB
Ohvola Venice Tea Frock Daffodil, S, BNIB 
Size S measures 13-17"ptp 9-12"waist 32.5"down

TCL Summer Bustier Dress Yellow, XS, BNIB, 20mailed
Size Xs measures 13" - 14.5" ptp, 27" bust down, 12.5" - 13" waist across, 
Wardrobemess Party Skater Dress, BNIB, 23mailed
PTP: 15 inch
Down: 28 inch
Wardrobemess Eyelet Dress, BNIB, 23mailed
Free size, elasticized at waist
AE Zandra Dress Yellow, S, BNIB, 20mailed
Size S : pit to pit - 13 - 14 inches , length 26 inches from chest down
HVV Anastasia Pouf Sleeve Blouse in Daffodil AND Pink, S
BNIB, 15mailed

 TTR Racerfront Tank in Nude, XS, BNIB, 22mailed
Ptp: 15" Length: 20.5"
HVV Cinderella Embossed Spring Dress XS, White, BNIB, 23mailed
Fits UK6
Aforarcade Hooked Wallpaper Floral Bustier in Coral, S, 20mailed
Ptp 13.5" / Waist 12" / Length 18"
 AE Kate Lace Crop Top in Pink, BNWT, 20mailed
pit to pit - 15 inches , length : 15 inches 
Link for bigger pic here
AE Reverie Pink, BNWT, 18mailed
13.5-15.5inches , length : 13.5 inches
Pearlavish Victorian Embossed Flare Dress, S, BNIB, 25mailed (rtp31.9)
Size S: 15" ptp / 32.25" length 12.5" waist

LB Laurentia Skirt Yellow, S, BN, 23mailed
11.5" waist, 16" hips, 15.5" down.

Till the next!

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