Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Short mid week post! Mostly visuals:)

Random outfit to town:
Knit Top
Skirt c/o Love Bonito
Bag c/o EZ
Heels c/o H&M

Review(LB's Althea Skirt in Pink): I bought this skirt in 2 colours and 2 sizes, pink in XS and blue in S. Nowadays LB's sizing is really unpredictable for me :/ S is too big, and XS is a little bit small, so i'm kinda in between now for their sizing :( I'm wearing XS in the pictures above, i can fit it definitely but no allowance, whereas for S its too big so it droops and doesn't end at my waist. Hence i am letting go of both colours despite the fact that i really really like the aztec prints, esp for the pink one! Material is of good quality, its made of polyester but feels semi thick and rough, im not sure how to explain it but its just of good quality, can tell:) Oh it has leather trimmings at the waist as well for contrast which i think is really nice:) Sigh i really do like the prints alot but sizing wise its just not for me:( Email me at etherealpeonies@hotmail.com if you're keen on it!

post exams feasting with my llamas at Sun & Moon (Wheelock) :) Seah keeps raving about how good it is so okay we decided to indulge in a good meal on the day exams ended:)
I ordered the Salmon set! Portion is rly big! Comes with fresh salmon+ grilled salmon paired with rice, salmon soup and a fruit /jelly dessert.Salmon overload but its okay cos i LOVE salmon! I found it quite okay, but the salmon in the soup has so many bones i swear its out to kill me lol. This place is kind of overpriced in my opinion and food wasn't say that fantabulous (to me) so i don't think i'll be heading here again! I'd prefer some good ol brunch places with some pancakes, egg benny or other more affordable jap places:)

Oh we ordered dessert as well! It came in a cage which was quite... amusing haha

Tofu cheesecake!! 
I'm on the hunt for the best tofu cheesecake in spore:) My current fav is still Shokudo! Loveeee max! This one is not bad too:)

& here's a spastic pic of seah for u haha, being embarrassing as usual! XD And look at her being all drama haha, as in she doesn't even eat seafood in real life tsk.

here's us during FOS (festival of sports) which is like a school event where there are inter class sports competitions. I got sabo-ed to play for my class in floorball and... not bad! We got 3rd hahahahha. The guys played floorball too and they got champions! S74 own the rest hehe.

Ending off with a picture of masking seah hahahah. 
This girl did an eyemask on her own, #achievmentunlocked! 
The last time she did a mask.. she didn't know how to put it on and started laughing until it dropped and wasted the mask LOL.

will be back with another post in a few days! stay tuned there are pretty outfit posts lined up ^^ Super loving the pictures, i think you guys will like it too! :))


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