Friday, 8 November 2013

White Berries

Hola! Just a quick update![backdated]

My current earring (on right side)! Its super rad hehe, got it from cine ;) Love the gold hue, diamante and peace symbol! Oh and the dangly chain which is kind of the main point heh.

Threadtheory Ila Embroidery Top in White
WAR Geometric Skirt in White
H&M Heels in White

Decided to go full on minimalist white for the day, loved the clean cut sleek silhouette that day:) White really is one of my fav colours haha, at least 60% of my wardrobe is made of white, as compared to alot of my friends who have mostly black clothing haha. Oh, black takes up the least percentage(~3% only!!) in my wardrobe cos i think black doesn't flatter me as well as lighter colours.

Anyways review for the Geometric Skirt!
[ So, this geometric overlap design is super popular recently, i've seen it in super alot of blogshops like lovebonito, Aforarcade etcetc, but most of the designs are shorts/skorts. So i'm glad WAR launched this cos i'm def a skirts kinda person!:) Oh and at a friendly price of less than 25 if i remember correctly. Material is slightly rough polyester, not inner lined but the material isn't too thin, probably very slightly sheer though. The cutting is pretty good, but its abit too big for me at the waist area, which happened to be solved when i tucked in my top. Love the chic geometric design, im a convert now! Overall a good buy, i think this would make a very versatile piece that won't rly go out of date:)

Recent lunch/tea dates with seah:) We both have math & GP lessons on Sundays (horrible ikr) and its like 2 hours each with a 2 hour break in between. So during the break we go for some comfort food heh. Bakerzin is our fav go to these few days!

Strawberry Shortcake

Classic Hot Chocolate

Bakerzin's price is slightly on the high side, and the first cake i tried (strawberry shortcake) kinda disappointed me cos there wasn't anything special about it and the strawberries were sour. Not their fault though cos i mean who can determine if the strawberries are sweet or sour. But they have other superb cakes (will mention below heh).

& my fortnightly trip to Salon Vim;
got some products to bring home for daily maintenance. Joyce recommended this redken set, apparently it sells super fast and this was the last one so i guess i was lucky! It comes with a shampoo, conditioner and after wash hair spray.

& i got a scalp shampoo as well cos Joyce says its good to alternate between the 2 types of shampoo:)
So far i've used the products for about 2 weeks already and its pretty good! The conditioner works exceptionally well imo:) But im lazy to use it everyday haha.
Dropped by etude house again to get the clear cleansing water since my bioderma one is almost finished! This product cleanses without the need to rinse off, great for lazy people like me :x

& then on another week me and seah went back to give their other stuff a try! We ordered this strawberry/raspberry cheesecake and omg it was S O  G O O D. This is a MUST TRY kay!! After devouring one we ordered one more cos its really awesome hehe. #seahandchee'sfatsundays
The base is super yums and at the side they add some crumbly thingy which is super good as well! Personally i really really dislike cheesecake but this one is an exception, this shows how good it is right!!
Mushroom soup, kinda mediocre
Mushroom Cream Pasta; loved this dish as well! Pasta can never go wrong hehe. Esp penne! :>
We don't care about unglamness when eating hahahah. On a side note bakerzin has really nice interior deco as well ^^
After a trip to the salon heh. Hair in much better condition!

& tadah! Here's our first ever formal class photo!! 
13S74 <3
My classmates are all such cuties:) Eugene looks like a hamster hahah, and garreth just looks like... bruno mars LOL. Ali looks too cute here!!
4/7 lunch day! This is han shu, we call her giraffe cos well.. she's about 175cm tall. #imforeverashortie:(
Our first failed shot hahaha cos kimmy got tickled by cheryl! (bottom right side)
yay a proper one<3
& then... here's what we do in math lectures... (okay not all the time but similar LOL)
Generally about half the class is sleeping.. on better day 40%? Though i tink our record was like 70% lol. S74ftw
& other silly stuff we do in school hahaha. 
Here's yy in a box doing idk what XD

We spammed polaroids for charity!! All polaroid proceeds go to charity so we thought, why not?:)

& this.. was the unfateful day ren yi pingz brought a pink bag to school -_-
& this is her gleefully asking me to take a pic cos she spotted some guy carrying a pink bag as well... she claims that she's totally setting the new trend LOLOL

& here i am all bored in avt, tired from studying.

But okay its a friday so tgif!!


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