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Hey guys!:) So this is a small part of the posts for my bday celebrations this year:) I am incredibly blessed to have such awesome friends and family who make every year a blast for me!:)) Unlike little kids who kinda get excited like a week before their birthday, i find that as i get older i am becoming more and more indifferent/nonchalant towards my own birthday. Like im just getting 'meh-_-' vibes BUT these awesome people never fail to make it a really eventful one each year and bring out the excitement in me ;) 

Received alot of handmade presents this year, def my fav!! I LOVE handmade stuff, its super meaningful and i get all "awwww" when i receive them:)

This be a crazy painstakingly done photo puzzle by my dearest LFC :') Pingz kinda made the whole thing from scratch i know, so touched!!
& behind the puzzle... handwritten notes from my super awesome class S74!! Love you guys :')
Super pretty card from Nikki!! Aww :')

& THIS:)) Vintage photoalbum disguised as a book hahaha, from my dearest LFC:) Its supposed to be "A Tale of Two Cities" and "Charles Dickens" i tink, look what they changed it to haha.

Super pretty photo montage that brings back so many memories of times in NY. Prom, our Christmas Party at Chay's, CNY Party at Naj's etc etc:) Really miss the good times, but i know there'll be more to come:)

This is from my bro.. and why am i not surprised that he gave me a book lol! As in.. hahhahaha. But i like it still<3
& from dad/mom:))
Baby Blue wallet:) Though its not handmade but of cos i still like it, the shade of blue is crazily gorgeous @.@!! Def not true to pic below cos of yellow lighting!

& then S74 prepped a cake for October babies! Garreth Shijie and me heh.
Thank you eugene for the CHEEsecake hahaha, #sopunny
& then bro bought Royal Pudding from Paris Baguette for me as well cos he know i like Panna Cotta/sweet stuff:') This is really good btw so do try it!!
& then from nics, a handmade card which she insisted that she spent super alot of hours making hahahha<3

More about the actual celebrations in the next post! Too long/many pics alr @.@

So on a happy sunday me and nikks went for Brunch at The Fabulous Baker Boy, being the gluttons we are hehehe. But we didnt make a reservation and the place is pretty small! So... we had to wait for about 45 mins but thats okay cos we were very happy using the time to take photos around the beautiful park XD

There were lots of colourful life size tulips around hahah! And... nikks went for the purple one, why am i not surprised XD

And if you're a bio student/studied biology... you'd totally understand me when i say that these tulips look like giant bacteriophages hahahhaha

"Hi this be my bacteriophages"

As in.. me and nikks are totally self entertained as long as we have a camera hahahha

& then i thought this white bench and the background is super compatible so.. a mini photoshoot it shall be!

Nikki's turn!! We probably got judged umpteen times that day hahaha

Finally we got to step inside The Fabulous Baker Boy!! I love the interior design it is so pretty:)) And they have a large selection of cake!! >) Lemon, Red Velvet, Almond Praline, Hummingbird etcetc! Super spoiled for choice:)
Sorry iphone cam failed me, should have used my cam to take a pic of the menu instead! But anyways they mainly have pancakes and the usual brunch selections like eggs benny:)
We ordered a Raspberry Pancake and Eggs Benny to share! The pancakes are pretty good, one of the fluffiest i've tried!:) And the raspberry complements it well, would be better if th raspberries were sweeter though :) Oh and drinks wise i ordered the lemon sparkling drink (3.5) which was somewhat sour in a refreshing way and nikks ordered their signature iced tea (3.0) which i felt was nice as well! I'd prob order their iced tea next time since its their specialty:)
 Eggs benny!! YUM MAX. I love that their portion is just nice for sharing :) The poached eggs with hollandaise sauce was good! Two thumbs up :) It came with salmon and potatoes at the side as well:) I enjoyed this dish very much, its like my second fav, losing only to Wild Honey(which will be featured in an upcoming post) because its brioche's texture is not as nice as wild honey's. Nonetheless its already of pretty good standard!

And after mains... tadah! cakes hahaha. 
Got the Red Velvet and Almond Praline to share:) Cakes are priced at about 7-9 each slice. I'd say its pretty worth it considering that each slice is HUGE. Me and nikks nearly died eating these. But they're pretty good! We both agreed that the Almond Praline is much nicer than the red velvet, which we thought would be the star dessert but it was abit of a let down. Not too bad though.

& then.. we selca again hahaha

OOTD shots! Loving the lavender flowers in the background so pretty ;)

Top c/o; TheSummersecret
Skirt c/o; Earlgreyparty
Bag c/o; HVV
Shoes c/o; spree site

Review(Top): Saw quite alot of shops selling this top, but at usually 25 and above. I bought mine from Thesummersecret and it was priced at about 17 which i think is pretty worth it as compared to other shops hehe. I loveee the gorgeous floral prints which is accentuated by the navy base colour:) Oh and the keyhole design with the unique neckline is commendable as well! Its double layered so its non sheer. The only thing i would 'complain' about is the sizing cos its too big for me esp at the ptp area! So i have to wear a tube top inside which isn't so convenient :/ But i guess the design makes up for it, and the price as well:)

Review(Bottom): Previously i bought the white version of LB's clover skirt in S, but it looked kinda weird on me i think its cos its loose and droops a little. But i love mermaid skirts so i decided to get EGP's one and hope the sizing fits better! And it did:) This one fits me quite well, not too tight or loose, with the perfect amount of allowance:) The length is alright for me as well, and the flare design is just right. Cutting wise its good, quite flattering in my opinion! However one thing to note is that the material for this def loses out to LB's thicker version cos this one is abit sheer, i tucked my top in and it could be seen. Nonetheless i quite like this buy cos of the sizing and design:) 

On the way back to the mrt we walked along clarke quay. Oh gosh i never knew Spore river was so murky just saying :x But the boats and scenery in general was nice:)
And then.. improptu photoshoot again hahhaha. I love this series of photos!

Hope you guys enjoyed the lengthy post! I spent quite long doing it up heh:)
Till the next;

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