Friday, 22 November 2013

Whisper Cosmo

Hi girls! Today's post is specially for yall! If you're a guy erm.. you can exit the page before it gets awkward for you haha.

This is my first advertorial/product review for a feminine product brand and i'm glad to announce its non other than... Whisper ;)

I'm sure you girls are familiar with Whisper, who has been around in the market for feminine products for a really long time and is definitely one of the most established ones around!
So recently Whisper launched a new product aka Whisper Cosmo, which i'm so excited to share more about with you guys because it really is a new revolutionary product under their premium sanitary napkin line!
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Cosmo features a new material, lactoflex, which provides breakthrough protection against leakage while maintaining comfort and incredible flexibility while you move. I'm sure this is really important to us girls as leakages are definitely a mood spoiler don't you think? 

Now what differentiates Whisper Cosmo from all the other brands out there you may ask?

  After all this is probably the first time we've heard of a PREMIUM line for sanitary napkins!

Well, I would say that its unique and revolutionary design is a main selling point definitely!
Whisper Cosmo’s breakthrough design is a combination of intuitive tapered core, grooves and slots that help it achieve a critical 3D fit that moulds to the body.  Lactoflex is also gentle on skin, supresses friction and has three times the absorbancy to help you stay fresh and clean.

Under the Whisper Cosmo line, there are 3 new products available:) 
1)Whisper Cosmo for Day (24cm with wings) 
2)Whisper Cosmo Hill for Night (27cm with wings) 
3) Whisper Cosmo for Night (30cm with wings)

I was sponsored the Whisper Cosmo for Day (24cm)!
Firstly i have to say that i really love the new packaging! Its shiny, modern and sophisticated, definitely making it stand out from the rest ;)

Now lets see, does it really meet the top three needs of women for feminine protection?
1. High absorption power to stay anxiety-free
2. Fit to body
3. Skin comfort
Hmm.. -eyes product skeptically-

Will it really work?

Let's put it to the test!

 AND the verdict is...........
It does live up to expectations!:) I tried it for myself and when i first opened it i was like "??" cos the lactoflex material really is very unique, never seen it before! Its really soft, smooth and spongy yet thin at the same time, suppresses friction like what it said it'll do. Absorbancy wise it is fast as well:) Zero leakages and gentle on the skin.
Comfort and effective combined in one, two thumbs up for this product!
Also, i know that a lot of us tend to shun away from sports during that time of the month, however now with Whisper Cosmo, you can enjoy sports comfortably without fear of leakages etc!
For the first time ever, i went for a 2km run during that time of the month... without feeling icky and uncomfortable at the end of it!

So what are you waiting for?;) Experience a sense of comfort and peace of mind with the new, next-generation premium napkin from Whisper. I assure you guys it really does live up to expectations!
 Stay fresh and clean with Whisper Cosmo!

 Also.. Whisper and Cozycot has been generous to sponsor 50 boxes of Whisper Cosmo for my readers to try out! While stocks last k! Simply fill up the information in the widget provided to redeem a box for yourself! ;) After trying out the product do remember to review it on Cozycot as well to let others know about it!:)

Whisper Cosmo is available at all leading supermarkets and pharmacies (Watsons etc), so do head there if you are interested in purchasing it!

Hope this post has been useful to you girls!
Till the next,


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