Tuesday, 26 November 2013


A few days ago i had a dream that made me wake up in a trance and abit shocked.
You know how sometimes dreams can be so real that it scares you or leave you thinking for ages?
Okay, so i dreamt that i met someone at a villa and it was the 'we were meant to be' kind.
Super duper cheesy in words i know!!
BUT okay, in real life i haven't met someone like this before, at least not yet.
And the weird thing is that people who appear in my dreams are usually those i'm very close to, like family, and definitely they are people i know and have seen before in real life.
But this time.. the guy who appeared in my dream, i have NEVER seen him before in real life, yet his face managed to appear so clearly in my dreams, which is super weird!!
And its weird because he doesn't really have much resemblance to my ideal type in terms of looks. (aka Godfrey Gao)
I thought people always say that the person you dream about is the majorly perfect one, that most kinda don't have the chance to end up with cos after all it IS a dream.
But no, this guy was quite normal, decent looking i would say, but nothing extraordinary. 
Yet, even when i woke up from the dream and even days after it i kept thinking about it. Its like etched in my mind. Though his face is abit blur now but i think... if i do see him in real life(what are the chances i know but still..) i think i'd be able to recognize him.
Oh gosh this is sounding like a silly infatuation but haha, i rarely have dreams that are so vivid. 
Usually the moment i wake up or 10 mins after that i'd forget everything.
This time... the scene of how we met at the villa kept replaying in my mind, and i remember his exact words (not to be mentioned here though hahahah).
Gosh, now i wonder if fate really do exist in real life.
Dreams are such...fuzzy things, but at the same time so enthralling.

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