Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Little Things About Me

Little things about me. 
(as requested on askfm)

Pet peeves/Things i cannot tank:
1. People not covering their mouth when coughing. 
Esp when they sit behind me on the bus -angst-
2. Not using soap when washing hands.
3.People pronouncing my name wrongly, le sigh.
4. Forcing me to eat/piling food on my plate :(

1.I like sports in general, just not running.
2. My fav colour is not pink (unlike what everyone thinks..)
3. About a third of my wardrobe consists of knitwear, though spore is so hot. 
4. I'm from a chinese speaking family.
5. My fav flowers are not peonies, i just like the word peony.
6. Probably only 2 people know my real fav animal.(aint puppies and meows.)
7. I can sleep anywhere, really. (fell asleep while eating ramen before, like wth right i know)
8. Well i cant draw for nuts. (anyone else at stickman level??)
9.The secret to my straight teeth w/o the use of braces is that i didn't use the pacifier when i was young.
10.I am.. the bug exterminator in my house :/ the rest (except dad) gets pretty scared of them bugs.

ps/ can't wait for PW oral presentation to be over tml. Liberation awaits!!!

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