Saturday, 23 November 2013

Romantic Tulle

Hellooooooo everyone!!
Soooo, nics and i had a happy HTH talk/brunch outing/feasting session to celebrate my birthday:) 
Decided to dress up abit cos i was in the mood that day:) Usually i'll be super lazy and nua to bother dressing up :x

Top c/o; Kissablebella
Skirt c/o; Lowry's Farm
Clutch c/o; Missingavenue
Shoes c/o; H&M
Accessories c/o; ASOS and Juicy Couture

Fav shot of the day! Thank you mommy for capturing these beautiful shots :)

Review(KSB top):
Priced at about 23, its made of cotton and is generally not sheer. I LOVE the eyelet details its really pretty in real life and adds more dimension to an otherwise simple tube top. Its elasticized at both ends for a better fit. I would say it fits me quite well, doesn't droop nor is it too tight, so it should fit UK4-8 generally well. Its a fuss free top that is really easy to match, it matches like.. almost everything:) For 23 i think its abit overpriced but the pretty eyelet embroidery makes up for it i guess, plus its a basic!

And i'm really loving the effect of the soft perm from Salon Vim!! Its so easy to manage and adds volume, i'm really suited for curls instead of straight hair haha. Joyce(my stylist) knows me best ;) I already did up a more detailed post about the soft perm, its just waiting in line to be published so.. do keep a lookout for it!;)

We dined at Wild Honey (Mandarin Gallery Outlet) cos i really was yearning to try it for the longest time ever!! We didn't make a reservation and had to wait for about half and hour before we got a seat. Its really quite high tech/atas lol. We left our name and contact number via an ipad at their counter and received an automated message "Hi Ms Nicole, we will inform you shortly when your table is available." something along that line. So we just walked around Mandarin Gallery till we received another automated message lol. Talk about atas XD

 Yay to a super yums meal with great company. It couldn't have been better :')
Here's what we ordered! 
Nics got the Norwegian and i decided on the Scandinavian. 
Basically Norwegian is a twist on the classic eggs benny. It features two poached egg topped wrapped with smoked salmon, topped with roe and hollandaise sauce. Comes with asparagus and toasted brioche.
& here's mine! Scandinavian features grilled salmon on rosti, topped with savoury sauce, asparagus and fresh tomatoes.

I really really enjoyed brunch at Wild Honey! I think its safe to say its my fav place to go to for some savoury brunch and good ol eggs benny:) I've tried eggs benny at Hatched, The Fabulous Baker Boy etc but i still think Wild Honey's wins hands down. TFBB's version is somewhat comparable to Wild Honey's but Wild Honey's toasted brioche is definitely tastier. It is crispy and soft and the right places, definitely takes some skill to do this! And it features nuts which enhances its flavour:)

I would think that the one i ordered (Scandinavian) is more worth it than the Norwegian because the portion of salmon is pretty generous and value for money. The rosti loses out to Marche's one though, Marche's rosti is like the best i've tried so far:) Though the Norweigian is not that value for money, but it wins in taste:) Total bill came up to about 30 per pax, including 2 main meals and drink which we shared. Oh! And do try their signature mocktail Queen Bee if you're there! Its super good and refreshing ;)

And then after having brunch we walked around to shop for awhile, had HTH talks and stuff:) Then... went searching for food again being gluttons we are :x Decided on Cold Stone Creamery at Orchard Central cos we both LOVE their apple pie ice cream!! Its the best!!

Haha and then... we take silly photos cos we're silly billies

We be curly wurly hair friends hahaha
(PS/ compare the quality of iphone's front cam and my Sony NEX... -_- sometimes bringing out my bulky cam is worth it)

It was a great day out with nics! So happy to have finally tried Wild Honey, and of cos just catching up with each other:) Simple but so meaningful.

& then.. what's up in school?? nothing much actually, just being goofy as usual!

LFC celebrated my bday for me in school! One day before the actual day so i have to say i was surprised, cos i was expecting it to be on the actual day itself! This seah distracted me by saying she wanted to go the toilet/was upset with her results and wanted to talk about it, while the rest set up the area and prepped the cake. And i actually fell for it cos i was worried for seah wth. Feel so cheated!! And then on the way to the canteen this magical seah whipped out a scarf and attempted to blindfold me but it was more like lynching lol!! And then she nv direct me properly lol, almost fell down the stairs while being blindfolded @.@ Eventful day much hahahhahaa.

This be the present and cake they got for me:) TY GUYS<3 Oh and about the cake...
-One day before the surprise-
Ping:" Chee do you like hello kitty?"
Me:"-no reply-"
Me:"still no reply"
Me:"calls back"
Ping:"omg chee do you like hello kitty? please say yes."
Me:"No. -_-"
Ping:"what the.."
Me:" You dont know meh i hate hello kitty"

-In my bday plan whatsapp grp-
Seah:"WHAT THE!! I buy the cake already!!"
Ping:"Aiya sua la sua la..."

And... that was the story about how they bought this hello kitty cake which they thought i liked hahahhaa. But its okay la, i'll still like it cos they put so much effort into it:)

with my llamas, love yall!! And just look at spastic seah cannot tank her face hahahhaha
I was really very touched and super happy that day. Becos of exams and stuff we haven't met up as a full group of 10 in a really long time. And seeing every single one present there that day made me so happy cos i sincerely missed everyone!!
Thank you guys once again, yall are the BEST :')

Till the next,

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