Thursday, 31 October 2013

Maroon Dawn

Hola:) Back with a short update as usual:) 
Went for a rare movie + lunch date with 1/3 of LFC :)
Decided to watch Girl In A Pinafore cos our school was featured in it!! and some of our friends acted in it also haha:)
Bart Simpson Knit Top in Maroon
Dip Drop White Jeans
Celine Inspired Wedges
EZ Celine Inspired Bag

So.. I have tons of knits (no joke it makes up 1/4 of my wardrobe which is ALOT numerically) but i rarely have the chance to wear it out in spore's weather sigh. It comes in super handy during year end overseas trips though! So i finally got to wear it since we're going to a pretty chilly theater:)

Oh and i have the biggest problem finding white jeans, its torturous omg -_- so when i tried on this pair at DipDrops (taka) and the fit was so so awesome i got it immediately, no regrets at all!! 

Review of TP knit: Made of knit slightly on the thicker side, might be abit hot for spore's weather depending on if you're the type who can stand heat or not. I think its okay for air conditioned places:) Quality of knit is really quite good, the maroon shade is gorgeous as well. Oh and the Bart picture is sewn on tightly, can be seen from the stitches on the flipside. The fit for this piece is just nice, not too small/ oversized:) Overall a good buy for an affordable price (about 27-28 if i rmb correctly) :)

Lunch was at some Hong Kong Style Cafe at JCube! Can't remember the name of the shop :x Kungfu paradise maybe?? Something along that line!

Buttered Bun
My companions for the day, Mui and Tzeshe!
Mui and I were really excited cos they had Liu Sha Bao, its like my favourite dim sum ever!!
There are def better ones around but this was okay too, managed to satisfy my craving hehe.

Fish Baked Rice
Mushroom Baked Rice
Food was okay, not too bad but not exceptionally outstanding, so.. mediocre i would say? Or at least for the dishes i tried. Cos when my parents went there for lunch and "dabao-ed" some food back for us, the TRUFFLE FRIES WAS SO SO GOOD. So if you go there... try the truffle tries!!!

Group photo before mui and ts went home and i joined my classmates who happened to be around Jcube aft finishing cip:)

haha, second round of feasting at Pique Nique XD Me and nikks ordered the Sticky Date Pudding to share:) It was good!!

Nikks and i decided to go walk around the new mall (JEMs) beside Jcube! But the moment we walked it... the shops were all closed due to some fire alert in the building which happened to be in the carpark. So we waited for like 15 minutes before the shops reopened, hence our sad faces haha

JEM has quite a good variety of shops i would say? Shopping and food wise. They had Lovisa, M&S, H&M etc! And a few new food places as well! Def going back to try some of the cafes! Oh and they have Marche too :D Love their Savoury Salmon Crepe and Rosti!!

Okay, till the next post!


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