Friday, 2 January 2015

Porcelain Fleur

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Had brunch with nikks at Supply & Demand! 
(Nope im not joking, its a legit italian restarant, not the economics term haha)
Anyways we were there the moment they opened in order to beat the queue but they notified us that their kitchen will only open an hour later (say what?!) but we decided we'll wait since we were already there :/
Hope this is something they'll improve on cos if they need time to get their kitchen ready they should change the opening time and not make customers wait so long..
Anyways since we had so much time, might as well take some selfies cos the furnishing and interior design was admittedly gorgeous~

Gotta love the vintage vibes and warm feeling this place gives off!

Supply & Demand is quite well known for their pizzas and pasta but nikks had no pizza feels so we went for pasta instead!
I got the Vongole Pasta (with clams and white wine). 
It was really light and refreshing, i would say its not bad:)

Nikks got the tomato based pasta with light cheese. I tried abit and it was good! Definitely one of the better tomato based pastas out there:)

And because we're horrible gluttons... we went for Llao Llao after that!
The queue was super horrendous though, the 313 one was cray so we went to the Marina outlet but still had to wait for an hour or so. The efficiency of the staff was...unbelievable. Plus they were understaffed eek.
But anyways we were still happy since we got our froyo fix!

I can eat this everyday, no kidding hehe, thats how much i love llao llao!!<3

Applied a lip colour from MAC (shade: Twig) after that before taking OTD!
This was inside a museum btw!

We went OTD taking after that!:) 
I loveee this set of photos, the floor tiles, gingham lined tables and trattoria italian style setting was gorgeous!

Top from Love, Bonito
Skirt from Agneselle
Shoes from Accelerate 

Review(Skirt): First saw this on AE's previews months back and was really anticipating the launch of this piece! And it really does not disappoint cos in real life the porcelain florals are SO pretty and classy! This came in orange as well i think but blue is so much nicer imo. Its made of cotton which is ok-ok thick, not very thick but still non sheer because of the prints. Design wise it features a mermaid flare plus added pleats, which i quite like! However sizing wise its abit big for me, only at the waist though. I honestly really really like this piece but because of the size i'm not too sure if i should keep it.. If anyone is interested do email me at though! I'll consider:)

So after taking out OTDs, we just plopped down on the grassy patch to take a break and ended up snapping pics lol! This was in the middle of orchard road btw, we probably got judged but...its okay, i'd like to think that we had pseudo invisibility ;)

We studied for a few hours(this was post prelims btw LOL) then.. decided we deserved a treat (again) so we headed to The Standing Sushi Bar for some sashimi since they had the 5 pcs for $3 promo!;)
So yup dinner was just sashimi XD Its surprisingly filling enough and we were really happy we got our salmon fix yay!
On a side note, i would say that The Standing Sushi Bar isn't quite worth visiting if they don't have the sashimi promo, cos their ala carte items are quite pricey and doesn't taste that nice? 
For ala carte items like salmon aburi or just normal sushi, i would recommend The Sushi Bar @ FEP, its definitely my fav sushi place in town! 

Hehe so basically...we spent the whole day eating HAHA. 
It was a wonderful day though, i love food so much!!! XD
I got this whole list of food places i wanna try, can't wait to check them off the list one by one!;)

And before i end off the post, here's a sponsored review featuring the Venetia Dress from Lyra Minn!

I've always loved my basics with a twist, and this basic flare navy dress with crochet details really hits the spot!

Its made of really comfy, quality semi-thick cotton which is soft on the skin and not too hot for our weather:)

Not to mention its stretchy as well so it will fit a range of sizes pretty well! Im a UK6 and this fits really nicely for me. It features a back zip for easy wearing.

However i just checked and saw that its sold out on site already! If you're still interested in this piece do leave them an email instead:)

Thank you Lyra Minn for this pretty dress!

For more details on Lyra Minn:


Thank you guys for reading!!

Till the next;

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