Friday, 9 January 2015

Parisian Flair

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had a photoshoot outing with yy sometime back!:)

We took two outfits during this outing, you can check the first post on it here.

Here's the second outfit i chose:)
Decided to go for a simple, sleek parisian flair look ;)

Tilly Striped Crop Top in Baby Blue, S, from Love, Bonito
High Waist Jeans from Newlook
Sunnies from F21
Shoes from The Editor's Market

Shall slot in the review for this LB top if not its really visuals overload hehe.

Review(LB): This top is made of stretchy, comfy quality knit, which isn't the thin scratchy kind. I love the cropped design, and it also features stripes and a high neck design for a preppy look. I personally think its really easy to pair this piece, either with high waist jeans or a solid colour bottom, either way it'll look effortlessly chic without the need to accessorize much. Sizing wise i took S for this and its just nice, probably won't recommend those above UK8 to get this size though. Overall its a very flattering piece imo. However i'll probably be letting this go cos i don't think i'll wear it often enough to justify keeping it. So if anyone is interested just email me at, you can quote your own price:)

Oh and sorry for the picture spam haha, i sincerely love this set of photos so much! 
YY is a great photographer:)

Sorry for the inconsistency, the lighting for some were abit wonky so editing was needed!
The ones below are non-edited at all:) But seems like the ones with filter are nicer hmm??

And so..
I'm currently busy working now and so is everyone else.. not sure when i can do this again, i honestly enjoy doing photoshoots ><
On a side note at least class outing is tomorrow!:)
Something to look forward to at least:)

Before i end off, here's sponsored review for!

No they did not sponsor me a bicycle haha, though i would like to own a bicycle of my own someday!
 They kindly sent me a selfie stick!:)
Which you can get here.

 I remember it was the selfie stick craze some time back, and i really wanted one of my own as well!
But the price of each selfie stick then was like what, 20 bucks?? Which is really ex:(
So im really happy sent me this so i can finally have a selfie stick of my own now!:)

The one they sent me can be used for phones or camera, but here i used it for my camera because i wanted high quality selfies;)
This was at a Christmas gathering btw!:)

I like that the selfie stick comes with a strap at the bottom too, so you can strap it around your wrist and won't lose it easily!
Also, its extendable to quite a long distance as you can see in the picture above, so if you're taking selfies with a large group of people it isn't a problem!:)

So.. if you still don't have a selfie stick as of now, why not hop over to Bicycle's website and see if there's one that catches your eye;)

Thank you for reading guys!
Till the next;

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