Thursday, 8 January 2015

Christmas Wonderland

// m a i n //

holidays are meant for catching up with old friends, and thats what i did!:)
arranged for a brunch outing and catchup sesh with candice!
we were good friends in sec1/2 :)

decided to explore the tanjong pagar area and its a miracle we arrived at the cafe rather quickly cos both of us can't read maps for nuts :x

so.. we decided on Selfish Gene!
can't quite remember the name of this but it was pretty good.
i loved the scrambled eggs the best! 

headed over to cake spade (2mins walk from tanjong pagar mrt) since we only had one main at selfish gene and had plenty of space for dessert!

we ordered the berry crumble and lemon meringue cake.
the berry crumble looks photogenic but omg, can't be eaten. 
its so hard to chew i think they were testing the strength of our teeth lol. 
the lemon cake on the other hand, was really nice imo!!
i have this weird obssession with lemon cakes/tarts nowadays hmm..

the only photo of us tgt and it turned out blur!! camera why you no cooperate :(
but anyways it was still nice to meet up and talk about what has been going on in each other's lives these few years:)

a few days after i went to gardens by the bay with daniel because they had a special christmas display!
just look at that, so nice right!!

this was my fav hehe, it looked so magical at night!

we also looked at the christmas displays in orchard!
i was saying this year's rainbow themed displays aren't as nice as last year's blue and white one but this daniel totally doesn't remember what last yr's display was ._. 

oh yes, before i end off, here's a big thank you to Megafash(previously known as ChicKissLove) for sending me this surprise Christmas parcel!!;) 
it has been lovely working with you guys!
stay tuned for more of our collabs in 2015 :)
i was so happy to receive this haha!
i'm seriously a tea addict :x
i drink a whole pot of it myself everyday ;)

Hopefully everyone has been enjoying 2015 so far!
Its only the start of the year but i've been learning alot so far:)

till the next;

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