Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Uploaded this on insta (@etherealpeonies) earlier today, but this is for you guys who don't have insta:)

"Sunrise in Nepal, over the Himalayan range. The vastness of it reminded me of how each of us are like small flecks in this universe. But i'd like to think that each of us contributes in our little ways to shape this world. Like a little gust of wind carrying a dandelion bud to someplace new; a field of dandelions blooming years later. I'd like to think that its not the years that count, but how fulfiling each moment is. And in each moment you live, live vicariously. Leave an indelible mark on this Earth in a good way. I hope this New Year's Eve will be wonderful for everyone, and the upcoming year ahead as well<3"

I'd be spending New Year's Eve quietly this year, just having a HTHT with sylvia. 
But i think that'd be really nice, its my idea of a peaceful New Year's Eve with people i love.
Just wanted to say that thank you so much to everyone who have left really kind and encouraging comments for me and my classmates, we appreciate it alot:)
We will learn to stay strong, to accept, and continue with life no matter what happens.

Have a blessed New Year's Eve again everyone:)

Felicia (or Chee, as close friends know me by) 

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