Friday, 30 January 2015

Ethereal Melodies

// m a i n //

clearing backdated posts before it really piles up beyond redemption T.T
i guess i'll just have to post more often!

lunch/dinner date with my sylvie in town.
lunch was jap fare:)

and then immediately dessert at fruit paradise for one of them overpriced tarts.
act cute seah haha

took a few otds near raffles city, im not into greenery backgrounds nowadays but this will suffice!
yeap, totally model material hahaha

top from twistpolka
skirt from japan
shoes from xccelerate
bag (my own schoolbag haha)

matchy matchy poses heh

candid shots.
my hairstyle here probably gives away how backdated this is haha.
 have to say im not missing my bangs at all! 
hurray to no more once every fortnight trimming, so troublesome.
i do miss my curls abit though.
got abit of the "sound of music" feels??? HAHA
sporean version here, okay we tried
there, for your amusement HAHA
pic cr respective owner
fooling around as usual cos we're in a forever silly state

and yes, we were mugging for exams. 
i do not miss mugging for exams (hurray to end of As once again)

dinner was at tiong bahru bakery.
salmon quiche!
sylvie had no idea what a quiche was lolol.
but anyways it was really good, craving it now!!

went for a CO concert after that to support friends!

till the next;

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