Saturday, 17 January 2015

Chanel White

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hello everyone!! 
today's post is a special one:)
its not just photos of my usual otds or blogshop photoshoots.
today's post features pictures from a fashion photoshoot project my friend ziqi invited me to join:)

i've always loved photography and fashion so naturally i was really excited and glad to join them!
however honestly i had my reservations at first..
there were people i didn't know and i was scared i couldn't blend in with everyone cos they all give off the cool, chill vibes whereas im more of the silly, always laughing about everything type.
but im so glad everything worked out just fine!!
super thankful to everyone for being so nice, friendly and welcoming even though i was really shy at first :)
really glad to have met such an awesome team <3

okay now i'll show you guys some of my fav shots from the photoshoot!:)
i'll arrange it in order of the photographers, to showcase their unique photography and editing style:)

the first set is taken by jubilee:)

these are taken by samuel!:)

sam captured this candid shot of me holding a mosquito repellent hahaha!

here's a group shot taken by samuel too!
L-R: jubilee, wy, me, kay, ziqi, wanhui :)

and this is my fav grp shot!
loved the black monotone edit, so classy ;)

the next set is taken by wanhui!:)
this set's editing is more dreamy and vintage imo:)

this is also one of my fav photos from the shoot:)

we took two outfit shots that day, so let me talk about the first set!

top from topshop
skirt from MDS
shoes from hervelvetvase

i chose a full white on white ensemble for the first set. 
as much as i love prints, some days i love going for the minimalist feel as well.
i love how classy white on white is.
the key to keeping it interesting still is mixing textures imo, which i did here by pairing lace embroidery (top) with mesh (skirt). 
i also played with length; the top is cropped while the skirt is of a midi length to balance things out.
this is honestly one of my fav outfit pairings to date, i've never tried pairing such interesting textures before and the effect is lovely :)

and last but not least, this set is taken by ziqi!:)
feel free to like her fb page here, it captures her artistic pursuits so please support!!
wy, kay, ziqi, wanhui and jubilee's personal shots are there too so if you guys are keen do take a look:) 
i won't post it here cos im not too sure if they would like that haha.

the second set features something more preppy, ala alexa chung :)
hat is from f21 and embellished collar top from topshop.
preppy/monochrome is something i've been wanting to try for some time now and while its not my personal favourite, it was fun just trying it out!
also i'll have to admit, i chose this set because i had work after and had to wear something slightly more formal haha.

 once again im super thankful for this opportunity to meet such wonderful people and make friends with them:)
we have another shoot upcoming and i'm so excited for that already!!
keep a lookout for that guys ;)!


also, if you guys have been following me on insta @etherealpeonies...
you would have known that i made a rather important announcement recently:)
and so to be fair, i'll just say it here too for those who don't have insta:)

yes, daniel and i are official now:)
its been a good 1 year plus since we met by chance through a band concert, and things just worked out to the way it is now:)
i won't go on about why i made this decision and stuff like that, i don't think you guys will be interested anyway haha!
but my point is, i've thought through this very clearly, more than you guys would have imagined.
so yes i'm going to stick to my decision and we'll both work hard to maintain this relationship:)

and thank you to all who gave us your blessings, it means alot!!:)
esp my family and friends who have been so supportive (and maybe even overly interested HAHA)

till the next;

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