Tuesday, 13 January 2015


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had a sleepover with my princesses from class. I reaally love sleepovers hehe. 
we cooked our own (budget) dinner which tasted good, nua-ed around the house and had HTHTs till 3am.
its wonderful how we just talked about everything under the sun, though at some point of time we felt really old too cos topics like marriage and driving etc came up (all thanks to you mel). 
am super thankful to this silly bunch for being my constant these 2 years in school. 
can't wait to spend more time with yall doing silly stuff again!!
(PS/ no full group pic cos the only pic we took was when we had eye masks on and its too unglam hahaha)

so anyways the next morning mel and yuan d had to leave first, so nikks, tiah and i went for brunch by ourselves:) 
nikks rly wanted to try The Missing Pan so ok, that it is!:)

took some selfies before the food was served hehe.
after like 2 selfies tiah decided that it was too taxing and so she took a break XD
i've never seen someone (a girl esp) who hates selfies as much as her hahahha!
so its okay nikks and i continued XD

And then we asked her to join us again and she reluctantly obliged XD
PS/i did makeup for tiah!! its not very obvious here other than the brows but she looks so pretty in real life teehee! 

And here's our take on derp face. 
Nikks still so glam and tiah is just shooting daggers at us for making her do this hahah!

"Who doesnt like selfies?!"
-points at tiah-
-tiah gives the "whattttt" face-

This btw, is the signature nikks face. 

Anyways the food finally arrived!!! We were starving cos it was like 2pm alr @.@
Here's what we ordered!

Croque Monsieur

This came with truffle fries and a salad, which imo makes it more worth the price. 
Tiah (who hates veg) managed to eat the salad so i would say its not bad? hahaha.
The truffle fries were awesome. I loved it! Super crisy, not too salty, had seaweed flakes and infused with the subtle fragrance of truffle:)
And for the main... just look at that thick slab of cheese will you? Its heaven for cheese lovers def!
This was good as well, the bread was crispy yet soft, they were generous with the cheese but it was not gelat/overpowering. 
All 3 of us agreed that this was a very underrated dish, give it a try if you're there nxt time!;)
And of course, their famous french toast. 
I really dislike stuff that are salty and sweet at the same time but this one is so good!

random selfie cos nikks was busy taking photos of the food and tiah was busy angst-ing over nikks taking photos of the food LOL.
my brows were tinted at Benefit's Brow Bar btw, loved the effect!

see, tiah is shooting nikks daggers already!!
anyways we got dessert too!
this is a seasonal item i think? or maybe they just change the desserts in the display every time.
but this was really really nice too! 
its salted caramel in the middle and chocolate mousse for the outer layer, SO GOOD.

we had a lovely choir chalet as a farewell gift from the juniors some time back as well!
thank you juniors for prepping everything for us and taking care of all the nitty gritty details!
while the juniors were busy bbq-ing and setting up the stuff my batch was just selfie-ing with a selfie stick lolol! 

truly blessed to be in the company of those i love.
it has been a good few months overall, learning to appreciate those around me more as well.
one of the biggest lessons learnt over the past month is to treasure every moment spent with loved ones, you never know when last moments are, so live with no regrets.

till the next;

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