Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Night Travelers

Hi its 12.:52AM local time, i am taking a break from math revision for a little short while to update this space!
Its block test week for me(annoying..)
My papers are in the afternoon so yups that why i'm still awake now.
My sleep cycle is super screwed up :/

I wake up at 8.30 (forcefully drag myself out of bed), go for the papers and come out of the exam hall probably quite traumatized/brain dead.
Take a nap from 7-9pm, have dinner, then mug all the way to 2am.
^this happens daily sigh. (even since the june hols though i dont mug that much during june hols, maybe 2 hours lesser... and definitely less efficient hah.)
My efficiency only shows like during the week of the test :x which is not good actually but still thankful somehow haha.

So... 3 papers are down already(econs, GP, chem!) 
All of them are pretty much killer papers meant to you know, kill us sad kids.

 Welcome to my world of mugging:(
This is all... to be memorized/internalized. For half a year's work only btw. :(:(

 This is what ONE typical page looks like... sometimes i wonder how i manage to fit all these into my brain. But the usually its like after one exam (eg bio) then will auto delete the bio stuff :x truestory.
My health is like going haywire also the past week and this wk especially.
Because im scared for the papers(who wouldnt be) i literally feel like there are butterflies in my stomach><
This mostly happens 2 hours before the paper which happens to be lunch time so i can't really eat lunch these days. Food in general makes me feel sick, its not the food its me :/
Hopefully this will go away after blocks end! Can't believe in 4 days or so i dropped to 44kg which isn't very light but still, thats a kg off my usual weight. 

Truthfully im not say super stressed by the exam (somewhat bo chap character plays a part) but i can't say im not concerned also. How paradoxical right i know -_- My mind is like really a mess these days, with all the crammed 'knowledge'. Its even messier than my room really, and that itself is a feat haha.

But anyways im glad i got this silly seah who keeps my company during midnight mugging. 
We send silly snapchats and whatsapp about dumb stuff haha, its somewhat a way to relax.
Seah says she's gonna read this so... SILLY LLAMA THIS IS FOR YOU haha. <3
^this person here owes me sogurt cos she pangseh me today. Can't wait for movie outing after blocks!
We have been like watching these despicable me trailers and funny videos on youtube hahaha its uber cute!!!
Try googling "minions i swear" and this funny song comes out XD

okay its 1.10AM local time, time to say goodbye night travelers. 
Stay strong till the end.

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