Friday, 28 June 2013

Petals Ebony

Im still very much in love with tumblr-ing:) Its obviously not april anymore but isn't this picture pretty?:) I wanna go Japan and see the cherry blossoms so badly! The previous times when i went i didnt see any cos it was winter.

Shoe dummies please study this picture haha (coughs -syl- coughs)
Meme time again hehe:)

omg this guy's face is so epic i had such a good laugh! This seah ah, keep sending me this pic to suan me pfft.
silly stuff online
What my classmates send every sunday lol

My cute classmates teehee
Our class's spray meme mascot XW
Oh poor daniel why so sad

The epitome of bromance

Its a lollipop in their mouth btw, we're good kids
This was during council election period so there were fun props for us to fool around with:)

Btw my school's Chill Cafe quite cool lol, see they are trying to be 'in'. Eminem, M&M cookies, get it??
And im finally using my fluffy cat coin pouch haha, didn't bear to use it!
Random OTD again:)

Lace and Ebony Floral Crop Top in Cream
TSR Suede Pink Swing Skirt

Upclose of flowers:

Review: Bought this top from L&E ages ago, it looked so pretty in their lookbook i couldn't resist getting one for myself:) Priced at about $24 or $25, can't really remember. Its made of polyester i think, very lightweight material, but i wouldn't say its of superb quality. It has a satin lining so I don't think its sheer. Features a cropped design, length wise its quite flattering imo, ends just at my waist so it doesn't overwhelm my petite frame:) Its actually looks better when worn then when first taken out of the parcel haha. An okay buy, though slightly pricey for its material i would say! Review for the TSR skirt can be found here:)

Selka! The brown-red shade in my hair is starting to become more obvious, after a whooping 6 months -_-

another random OTD for brunch with the fam:) F21 eyelet dress which i bought a long time ago. I think after many washes its like shrinking alr lol.

& here's an early morning starbucks date i had with sylvie:) Before tuition haha. We tried the mango(?) ice blended or something but it tastes horrible, please don't try it thanks.

Happy us despite the horrible drink:)

out of pics again.. so... awkward ending! byeeeeeee

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