Sunday, 7 July 2013


hey guys:) Sooo some time back dad asked for suggestions for good brunch places! And i immediately thought of Antoinette since there are so many raves for it! And off we went to explore Ann Siang Hill!

 Looking very very tired cos i slept for 3 hours only, the eye(bags) don't lie..
Drove past a diff part of singapore, somewhat olden i would say?
These old shophouses are so pretty don't you think?:) As compared to our modern HDBs that is.

Antoinette is quite easy to find cos its facing one of the main roads or main side roads at least. Its not hidden deep inside Ann Siang Hill unlike some other quaint cafes(which i do intend to explore soon!)

Love the classy menu hehe.
Pricing is surprising alright considering the huge portions(to be shown later haha). Apparently the pasta is super good but i thought i'll try it next time!

& can i just say that Antoinette is easily one of the prettiest cafes in Spore?! Look at the wallpaper oh gosh. The interior is really very nice and has a European/French feel to it:)

While waiting for our food to be served we looked around the dessert counter! The selection is pretty impressive! And it all looks super yummy @.@ My bro couldn't resist and ordered a cake to try, it costs about $10 per slice though!


Okay the food took about 20 mins to arrive? Quite ok i guess, considering there's only one chef and there was another table beside us not served yet.

So here's what i ordered! Savoury Blinis with Smoked Salmon, French Butter and Salad! its basically like pancakes.The smoked salmon was good! I prefer like actual pancakes cos blinis are slightly thicker so the texture is less fluffy. Nonetheless the smoked salmon went well with it~
Pastries from Dad's French Breakfast Set!

Shared this with mom and luckily we ordered it to share cos the portion is really no joke @.@
Its super duper yummy though! Easily one of the best crepes i've had! I love sweet stuff so if you've got a sweet too this will be good for you:) But in moderation haha, too much will give you sugar overload.

This is under the "Sweet Crepes" section but i can't remember its full name haha, something fancy though.

oh and here's my ootd!
MGG Swirly Dress in Pink, S
Roseate Posy Celine Inspired Wedge
Wine Satchel from Aussie

Review: Wasn't quick enough to grab this from the launch itself, then was lazy to join backorders, so when they released extras from BO i just carted it out haha. As mentioned before my mum and i have v diff styles but she was all praise for this dress haha. The bottom is made of chiffon which is really soft and has subtle pleats. The top portion is thicker and slightly more structured, prob made of polyester. It features a back zip and the 'swirly' details are sewn on nicely and securely. No complains at all for this dress! It really is one of my favs from MGG so far:) 

Random selca! I was err actually having a horrible hair day cos its like day 2 after a drastic haircut. Tying it up solves the problem though!

Uber tired swollen eyes..

Flowy Pleats!
Intricately sewn on swirls
& i instagrammed this pic then got alot of "ehh bojio!!" from my friends LOL. My ig name is etherealpeonies btw!

okay till the next post!

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