Saturday, 13 July 2013


anyone got any miracle product for eyebags? im desperately in need of one cos of my horrible sleep cycle..
so anyways, had a nice dinner some time back with dearest cousin kayleigh!

AE Crop Top in Mint S
Forever New Watercolour Skirt

Review(AE): Was looking for crop tops in basic/wearable colours so i was quite happy when AE launched this! I actually bought it in mint and pink but im actually looking for a lighter pink so im selling it! Material for this is stretchy cotton spandex mix, not too sure if this material will fur over time. Got it in size S and it fits nicely, will recommend UK4 for size S, UK 6 for M probably. The length is just nice, i don't have to tuck it in with high wait skirts. Oh and the shade of mint is really nice as well, its half half between green and blue just the way i like it:) Features a racerback cut as well, but only slightly. Overall a good buy at about 20!

We went to Koh's Grill and Sushi Bar for dinner! Went on a weekday (thursday) but it was still super crowded! Had to wait for about 35-40 minutes for a table, but I have to say it was all worth the wait ;)

My favourite sashimi!! Salmon salmon salmon nomz
Tempura Maki which is really nice as well! My fav tempura maki so far ;D
The must order dish, Shiok Maki! Priced at about $16 i think!
It has salmon, eel and avocado as fillings, with a generous topping of their creamy sauce and roe.
I am not a fan of eel and avocado but somehow this combination works well! Try this if you go there;) Oh but though the portion looks small, because of the creamy lingering taste its advised that you share hehe.
Anyway good things must share right?:)

We got a seat right in front of the grill! Was afraid that the smell would stain our clothes (then we'll stink like bbq ._.) but thank goodness there's this glass pane! Here's the chef grilling our Saba Fish :)
Freshly grilled saba:) This is quite worth it i must say, about $8! I thought it'll be much more expensive!
Instagrammed this hehe. (@etherealpeonies)

It was nice catching up with couzie :) She was telling me about her new part time job painting caricatures, and apparently it pays quite well! Which is surprising to me haha. 

Sooo.. mum bought groupon for this italian restaurant at Uee Square, its rather ulu so i guess thats why they worked with groupon to get more people to know about them!

Starter: Half a dozen escargots
Beef Pizza (sounds weird i know, its to cater to my meat loving brother..)

Crabmeat Ravioli with Saffron Sauce!
This is DA BOMB, BEST PASTA I'VE EVER HAD, hands down:)
The sauce is really really unique and complements the ravioli super well:) There's only like 9-10 pieces of ravioli for about $24 but its easily filling enough. Plus the taste is so good its definitely worth the price:)

Had my childhood fav fruit tart from delifrance:) Always pestered my mum to buy this last time when delifrance was just opposite our house. But it seems like the standard has kind of dropped :x still good though!

More food omg, i have been pigging out lately (or more like during the hols).
Ajisen Ramen with chay and caiwen after we finished doing cip!
It was good but i was having such a bad flu and couldn't taste anything at all :/

Some pics from school
This is during bio lab lol, we were supposed to tape the chromosomes but look what happened instead..

During project work... i moustached pingz. LOL
Groupmates! What we do when dear mala isn't looking :x
Poor wenxin being squished by pingz hahah

 tumblr pics! 
Sora :)

Barbara Palvin!

Doesn't this place look so vintage and quaint? Really want to go on a roadtrip someday and visit all these places


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