Sunday, 21 July 2013

Milky Way

LFC outing some time back!

Goonfoo seah snapchatting me while i was in the car XD She sent this hilariously cute pic and i was trying to refrain from bursting out laughing then the taxi uncle thought i was giggling and was like, "nan peng you (boyfriend) sms ah?" then i was like wth nooooooo hahahah

OTD of the day!
MGG A Date with Lace Side Panel Dress in Pink, S

Review: Got this along with the swirly dress from backorder extras! Made of chiffon, is lined and non sheer. The shade of pink is rather sweet though it is abit too girly for me haha. Still, the cutting is really good, took S and it fits well! Has adjustable straps and lace panelling. No complaints, but it would be better if it was 1.5 inch longer or so!

So.. met up with the sillies, & seah had a haircut lol!

This pic is so cutee i swear its not i ask them to pose one! Cw and chay were looking at something fascinating i think haha. But the thing is we're in the lift what can be so fascinating XD
omg pingz and seah also. must be smth interesting i missed out on pfft :/
Settled down at a cafe which is like extended from the bookshop at orchard central. Not that we wanted to go there but other places were full :x

Almond Milk (overpriced)

Chocolate brownie with ice cream which was much more worth it!

Spastic chay hehe
Seah being annoying as usual pffft

Looking evil seah, good job ahha

Once again photo taking from my iphone, this angle makes it look like as if seah was biting my head hahahaha

There was this pretty exhibition on lvl 4 i think! But the actual exhibition (inside) is closed/cordoned off ._.

Dinner at Just Acia (@dhoby ghaut xchange), cos seah wanted free flow of ice cream 0.0
It was my first time there! Pricing is reasonable, but errr taste of food wise, not really up to standard :/ I wouldn't say its bad but its just average.

Somehow i always manage to capture unglam shots :x

Whenever we go plaza sing i have to stop by Jrunway.. and come out of the store with new earrings>< 
But these are too pretty to resist! Esp the first pair, my fav pair this year!

kay bye:)

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