Monday, 29 July 2013

2:03am local time, tuesday.
Dead tired from a whole day of school and cca till near 8pm.
Couldn't stand it anymore, crashed after dinner till 12am.
My timely alarm woke me up, i wouldn't budge.
Until i remembered what was at stake, what i had to work for.
Forced myself to wake up at 12am, time to study again.
This year has been the toughest so far;
2 weeks ago i heard one of the worst and most demoralizing news ever.
It was hard to continue believing, almost wanted to cry when they announced it.
I kept thinking "NO i CANNOT possibly achieve it, this time it really is insurmountable."
Then came a timely word of advice. 
"As HC students, if you give up without a fight, you are a FAILURE. But if you fight on and don't succeed, i will still be proud of you."
Dear friends, if you see me mugging my ass off, please do not say the usual "eh why so mugger, hardcore mugger sia."
You have no idea what im fighting for, not unless you're in my exact plight.
Its something i want badly, an opportunity of a lifetime to do what i love, with the people i love.
I've decided to really really give it my best. Fight till the end, not giving up no matter what.
There is too much at stake this time, not just me, i cannot possibly let down my other members.
Not going down without a fight.

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