Friday, 31 May 2013

Of Rosette and Embossments

Annyeong!! have you guys missed me?^^ Soo anyways cos i've been so busy, here's an update bt my first shopping trip in like 2 months omg!
Miss my long hair T.T i just snipped off like 3 inches, so its at like shoulder length now O_O
Upclose of Aforcarcade's Bailey Embellished Dress in Creme, S

Review: Okay so i did a review for this dress in maroon here before and i wasn't impressed with this item last time. So this creme piece is from the backorder batch. I'm happier with this one cos they did some adjustments to it. Firstly the cutting/sizing is better:) It fits me better now, the maroon piece was too big at the waist and ptp, this one is slightly more snug which is good. Material wise its the same though, still quite thin. The straps seem to be slightly better as well, with the hook not breaking so easily. Overall i would say the backorder batch is better!

Omg can i just say how much i love the wallpaper in miss selfridge?! 
So pretty! I feel like revamping my room now omg:)

Tried on this embellished strap chiffon top and textured skater skirt in mid rose! Both major love<3

& this pair of lace/crotchet shorts! Gorgeous, but too thin imo!

Suede embossment peach twirly skirt! another of my fav<3
Rosette chiffon and satin skirt:)

So yups these are the items i brought home! :) Very happy with these items!

The design here is made of suede:)

Went highlighter shopping as well cos i use them very fast during lectures! Mildliner is the awesomest highlighter series ever, please try it haha
& for those of you looking for korean skincare products, you can get them at this korean shop in bugis street, specifically k-street! They sell alot of korean brands which can only be found in korea.:) I got two innisfree products! The mineral setting powder and volcanic pore mask:) Both are pretty good, i recommend the volcanic mask more though!
& my search for a melt-free pencil liner continues.. this time im trying my luck with dollywink! Sadly it still melts after like 5 hours or more!
I wasn't intending to buy any apparels at bugis street, only went there to look for the skincare products, but in the end i saw this two white lace/crotchet dresses at $15 each!! Awesome deal right:) Plus the workmanship is good, scored another good deal hahaha

Say hi to ele my new pencil case companion hahaha. Its super furry can!

Lastly, bellabox review!

Im quite pleased with this month's bellabox:) Cos im a Vichy fan and this month's box had a tub of vichy gel cream which i like alot! The MOX lipbutter is my second fav:) Third fav is the Dr Ci Labo BB Cream, consistency is thicker than my biotherm one but still goes on quite easily, coverage abit better though it gives less of a dewy look.

BB cream swatched on right hand side, can you see its brighter + has a slight pinkish tone?

 Kay thats all for the BB review!

Ending off with a sponsored review from flauntcc!<3


So last week i did an advert for them too, featuring the Treasure Trove Dress which is so pretty!:) You can read the review on that here :)

So today I'll be featuring the Love Story Dress! <3

"A Flaunt Production.
This is what a modern fairy tale dress would totally look like!
Spaghetti strapped maxi dress, featuring a soft flowy panelled skirt, and a high slit up the sides, in the prettiest soft pink shade."

The design of this piece is really nice and flowy, the split at the side of the maxi makes it easier to walk around in and I find it very classy, adds a unique touch don't you think?;)

 And really, this dress is so so gorgeous, perfect for special occasions:) I wore this to my uncle's wedding, but i think it'll make a really good prom dress as well ;)


The shade of pale pink is sweet and flattering on many skin tones:) I especially like the material of this dress, couldn't stop raving about it to my mum haha. Its made of polyester chiffon, feels super luxe and expensive, soft as well. And if you look at it more upclose you can see that it has a hint of shimmer in it:) I was telling my mum how this piece looks like it was taken straight from Emporio Armani's runway collection haha, yup its that good!
 Here are some the accessories I paired with the dress:) Imo silver/gold hued pieces would complement it very well to give off the effortlessly elegant feeling:)

Hope you guys liked the dress as much as I did:) And remember to check out FlauntCC and like them on Facebook for more updates! They have really nice apparels that are of good quality! ;)

Hokays so thats it! Hope you guys had a good week:)) And its the start of the holidays! Yay to more freedom <3


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