Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Precious and Lost

Feeling a little bit "lack of space" lately.
Was thinking of maybe privatizing this blog?... Not too sure what to do at the moment.
Suddenly feel like i need a bit more privacy?...
 It feels weird to find people searching "Felicia Tham hc" on google and ending up here. I sometimes wonder who these people are and if i should be concerned.
Still, I have to be responsible and do up another advert this weekend as promised.
Shall consider what to do after that...

In need of some peace and quiet in hectic times like this.

"Shush, let yourself flow with the wind.
In the open grass of field, find yourself.
What was lost as the days pass by? 
Have you changed?
Run your hands through the field of daisies.
Lie there in peace, azure blue and soft floating wool.
There it is, the feeling of not having a care in the world, how i 
Yearn you so."

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