Sunday, 12 May 2013

Raspberry Hearts:)

Whoopwhoop! hey yall:) Im trying a new 'routine', not sure if thats the best way to describe it but im gonna try to post more often but shorter posts! Like every 4 days or smth as compared to once a week but a lengthy post:) Do let me know which one you guys prefer? Drop me a comment here please! Will really appreciate conducive comments so that i can blog accordingly:)

so... spent some quality time with the fam for a hearty buffet:) Mum got some good deal off groupon again lol! Dad likes to call her the groupon queen cos she finds good eating places for us to try, my family is a foodie family lol, we tend to try new eateries every wk!

Sweetheart Cut Out Dress in Magenta/Raspberry, from Marked Down Market
Belt from Topshop
Vivienne Westwood Inspired Shimmer Satchel

 Yups as you guys can tell i really like the satchel alot lol, have been overusing it lately! need to give some attention to the other bags if not mum says i waste my stuff:/

So anyways, review for the dress!

Review: Bought it at Marked Down Market for about 22? around that price:) Made of pretty thick cotton and a mix of something else which gave it a semi structured shape. Also there was no inner lining but i thought its okay cos its totally not sheer:) I love the heart shape cut out at the back, its uber cute! And the magenta/ deep rose shade is quite flattering for my skin tone as well:) Sizing wise this is def loose for me at the waist but a belt solves the prob! Oh and the sweetheart cutting at the front is nice too:) Overall I love the design of this dress, the unique cutout and colour:) A good buy at 22 which is rly reasonable!:)

 Anyways momsie and I dropped by Forever New cos new arrivals just stocked in lol. And I saw this ah-mazing watercolour print skirt!:))

 & this embellished knit cardi as well which was on sale:) Got both items hehe. Super love max<3 Sales make the items so much more worth it heh.

Dinz was at Holiday Inn, Melting Pot(?) restaurant i tink! It has quite an olden feel haha.

 My first helping from the buffet. And the second third helpings were basically similar cos i really spammed sashimi!! I LOVE SASHIMIIII :D omg im having cravings for it now boohoo
 Dessert platter!
 With iced tea and coconut jelly dessert:)
 Made chendol as well! There was a machine to make e shaved ice then you can add your own flavourings and toppings:)
 Collage~ I didnt eat super alot but it was worth it cos i ate a lot of prawns and sashimi, seafood lovers always get the best out of buffets lol ;)

& im so happy i finally got some new hairbands for school:) Now in jc we finally can wear coloured hair accessories lol! Wearing happy colours makes me feel happier too ^^


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