Saturday, 8 June 2013

Lace Love

Hey guys! :))))))) haven't updated in awhile! Hope my presence is missed lol!

Braided my hair for a casual look:) Cos I went to film a video for a school project with my classmates:)
Pearl Ribbon Hairtie from Willowfawn! I think there is like 1 or 2 pcs left:) Its a hot fav, i think like 5 of my friends bought it after i wore it to school XD Advertising strategies hahaha

This is my new fav pose haha, its called the Mel pose cos my friend melissa created it :)

Upclose of the pretty embroidery and crotchet details on my dress^^ This is such a fabulous buy i swear! It was on sale at bugis street, 2 for 30! I bought another one of this white dress but in a diff design:) Both are super awesome!
Its really really intricate no kidding! Can easily retail on blogshops for $33 or so, its fully embroidered, with scallop hems, floral crotchet design at the waist and a bib design at the neckline:)
More photos~~

Paired it with a bag from Gmarket!:)

Review(Gmarket Pony Satchel): made of rather soft faux leather, quality is quite good imo! I like the moss green + slight mint shade of the bag:) Quite unique, and the design is pretty:) It has a cream tassel hanging as extra details as shown which is pretty cool. Features a top handle, silver clasp and you can use it satchel style also cos it comes with adjustable strap:) It fits A4! At about 30+ this is quite worth it:) Oh, but it cant fit too heavy things if not the satchel clasp will kind of spoil! Overall a good buy:)
PS/ sry cant rmb the link for this item-_- the shop was some korean shop again!

& after a 3 month hiatus i am back to tumblr-ing:) Am kinda addicted to quotes-posts nowadays:)

& updates on school life! Am so so so busy as mentioned a gazillion times before, no break one -_-

Kay so anyways did i mention i have really cute friends? ^_^ this is my epic friend Y.R. She looks weird in this pic cos its secretly taken! For what purpose i shall not say, if you analyse the pic carefully maybe you can tell ;)

Meet Checks, my classmate's bunny LOL. This is Checks sitting in on biology lecture hahaha

& i love thursday lunches with dearest 407! No class can ever replace 4/7, really:)
And this is one eyed monster sylvie hahaha
Miss you guys so much!!!
The best bunch of girlies anyone can ask for :') Looking forward to our 4/7 class outing in june hols! >)
&... we like to fool around in lectures sometimes! This is pingz and wenxin:) and mel the photobomber!!
This is YY my class's little boy LOL.
oh yes my classmates are addicted to memes! Its quite funny when they use it in super apt situations haha, and we create our own memes as well ;)

Kay this is quite an abrupt ending but.. im out of pics so.. :) Will update again soooon:)

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