Sunday, 5 May 2013

Odette's Serenade

whoopwhoop hello people!
reaaaally into the cheesy pose lately, cos of my friend mel la haha XD She teach one hahah

hairstyle for the day:

Odette Dress in White, S, from Amber Avenue

Review: Made of rather thick cotton which is semi structured, quality quite good:) But it may be slightly hot for our weather! I super love the design:) It has crossover pleats at the front and back with a subtle asymmetrical hemline, pretty ttm:) Cutting fits me well too! I took size S btw, so if you are a uk6 this probably will be a good gauge for you:) It has a side zip too! A good buy imo, nothing much to complain about this!:)

kay it was lfc's march hols outing and we decided to go to somerset for some chill and talk time! I was early so i went shopping first! First stop Lowry's farm haha. There was sales and i got this amazing shimmer blue cardigan, pretty beyond words :')

& then becos my cute friends like cute stuff so we popped by artbox :)!

CW's "BUY FOR ME CHAY!!" POSE hahaha
& then... i saw this SUPER ADORABLE BUNZ just look at it!! the one in mint stripes hehe. Its gonna be on my bday wishlist (Y)

Awesome dinz was at yoshinoya! I super love yoshinoya did i mention before? haha its rly yum!

After dinner these ppl decided to take whacky shots on my iphone + camera! See la who ask yall take unglam pics of yourselves, it ends up here XD

hehehe this is my otp sylvia seah!

Okay can i just posted unglam pictures of myself and lfc for your entertainment, thank me pls XD haha no la jk!

kay after eating we went for dessert cos we are such fat gluttons. But then again, never say no to dessert!!

I had black sesame with glutinous rice balls, quite okay la!
This is seah's matcha jelly thing which was quite nice also!
kay thats all, had a good time with lfc but mostly we just sat down and talk and our convos are to be kept private so no posting here hahhaa. TTFN:)))

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