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(SRY I MISSED OUT THIS POST :( So overdueeeeeee!!...)

heyyall! CNY day 3 was still spent in msia! Not a very 'happening' day though! I slept at 3am the prev day (or rather the same day) cos me daddy bros and couzzies were having a taiti showdown! Its actually one of my fav cny 'gambling' games cos it requires thinking haha. Boost brain power!! 

So anyways i slept till super late, basically i slept till the noise from my neighbour's house woke me up. Cos they invited lion dancers + "cai shen ye" into their house lol!

It was a rather slack day! We went shopping for awhile, only a short while cos most of the shops were closed boohoo. But I still bothered to dress up la, hehe.

Furry White Knit- F21
Floral Lantern Skirt- Dipdrops
Chanel Boy Inspired Clutch
Pedro Apricot Wedges
EPICFAS necklace

Super love the jap ensemble that day!:) The floral lantern skirt from Dipdrops is a good buy! 30% off somemore hehehe #shopaholicsyndrome

BTW check out my horrible dark eye LOL, the aftermath of having taiti tournament till 3am...

& anyways i've never rly done a house tour before! So here is my kinda fail attempt haha!

Starting with the garden, here you can see the dog house:) Its pretty cute right lol XD

The backyard, with the fishponds and empty space to hang laundry.
Frontyard, where the garden and chill/zen place is haha
Front view, my room is the one on the second level!
Living room where all the snacks are strategically placed to make us fat LOL
One of my fav quaint corners of the house, these old photos really do make me nostalgic :')
The indoor fish tanks, my family loves fish lol. The big yellow/old fish is called lumpy cos it has a huge lump on its head plus it bites/chiongs against the glass alot. angst much??
Staircase and storeroom, where i spent my time hiding with my cousins during hide and seek when we were young.
& here's some of the rooms upstairs! This is mine + my cousin's :) But i only sleep here like once in awhile haha
 Bro + other cousin's room:)
 Their room is bigger got big wardrobe and study area some more haha.
Ya i think thats about it? The rest of the rooms about the same la:)

Kay so.. random transition! Here's more recent photos! Nowadays I'll have a weekly casual otd cos i now have tuition lol, so yup go tuition of cos dress casually la:)

Geek tee from Twistpolka
Newlook Highwaist Jeans
Mint Pony bag from online shop, cant rmb name

Side view, it has cuffed sleeves!

Review: Priced at about $26 including postage, this is one of the trending caption tees in many blogshops lately i think. Bought it cos i wanted a casual tee for fuss free days:) I would say its slightly pricey for a basic tee, costs as much as a dress! But the quality is quite good la, material is stretchy and thicker than usual cotton, plus the colour doesn't run. Oh and i like the cuff sleeve detail as well, its actually sewn on so you don't have to keep rolling it up. Overall an okay buy, though pricey for a tee! A good casual tee i guess:)

Also.. i have been breaking out lately due to sleeping rly late at night, and chomping on chips while doing work :( But its getting better now! This photo was taken when the breakout was pretty bad, but cant see right? haha cos i was using Dr Ci Labo's bb cream as sunscreen that day! Its coverage is pretty good! Consistency thicker than my Biotherm White Detox one, both are my current favs:)

This came in sample form from bellabox/vanity trove, cant rmb which one haha. Full size product available at Watsons:)

& then i had some quality time with seah at novena square! Lunch @ Thai Express cos we both love thai food:)

Silly dodo sniffing her wallet hahaha, no la jk she was checking her $$

Our pineapple rice! I have to say, Thai Express' seafood pineapple rice is my fav! Super fragrant and i love the prawns + fish hehe.

Ending off with a sponsored review!:)


Received this lovely V-Back Textured Dress from Jessica, owner of Blu-Sunflower a few days back:) Blu-Sunflower has a wide variety of designs to fit everyone, i was spoilt for choice and had a really hard time choosing an item to review! In the end i chose this beautiful textured dress and it was a good choice:) One can never have too many little white dresses, especially one with such fab cutting and material:)

This dress is lined so its not sheer at all, made of semi weighty textured material which isn't rough on the skin. Feels abit like crepe chiffon, classy and timeless:) I also really like the V back design, it gives a unique spin to the dress don't you think?:) I would say this is a really classic piece that will never go out of date:) And its versatile as well! Pair it with a gold belt for a more classy look or with colourful belts and a bright bag for a modern spin:) Limited pieces are avail on their site so yups, go check them out now! :)

Thank you Jessica for sending me this dress once again!<3

PS/ Belt featured above is from Gelliz! Review for that is posted here :)

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