Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Starting off with October's Bellabox review!:) Its bellabox's bday month so its supposed to be more special haha. I like the rose pink box this month :)!

Here are the products this month:
Nuxe Body Wash
Nuxe Moisturizing Lotion
Nuxe Dry Oil
Bioderm Cleanser
Guerlain Parfum
Bellabox Mirror

 I would say i'm kinda disappointed in this month's bellabox, esp since its supposed to be more special :/ the products were so so only, nothing special :/ But a good thing is that i can bring these travel size products for my family overseas trip which is in november:)

Last part of bday posts! MBS trip with Yongxin and Juipz my long time friends:) The weather was somewhat weird that day! Suddenly dark, then rain, then very sunny, then dark again O_O

It was a foodie trip as well though not intended haha! Chilled at starbucks and talked about the randomest things ever :) I tried their sea salt hot chocolate cos it was their limited edition special item, but it wasn't very special lol! Caramel Frap is still the best ;)

And we had Gelato afterwards hahaha, fat die me -_- Cos it was on offer hah, $4.50 for two cups which is quite a good deal for gelato no?:) This is at Citylink btw, opp the Kissjane store:)

My hazelnut gelato:) Tasted pretty good!
Juipz's bubblegum(?) flavour XD They called it "the smurf" btw, can see why right! :)

Lunch at Thai Express!:) First time patronizing them and it was a good experience:) Friendly CS, food was awesome!! I super love their pineapple rice:) <3 But i picked out the pineapples hahaha

Topshop Skater Skirt in White

Its pretty figure flattering cos it hugs the right places:) But the upper half is abit too hugging lol, just saying O_O Made of comfy spandex cotton mix i think, really stretchy! And i got this at a good deal of ~$19 cos i had a $40 topshop voucher :))

Another OTD for dinner with my family:)

Lacepipe Scallophem Lace Dress
F21 Turquoise Necklace
Staticfumes Cat Watch
Mint bag/clutch

Review(Lacepipe): A very dainty lace item:) The scallop hems are quite pretty, and its at the cuff areas too:) Length might be abit short for people above 1.6 though! The cutting is actually straight cut which is actually  okay, quite flattering imo, but you can add a belt for more definition too:) It has inner lining but still kind of sheer so nude undergarments advised. Overall a good buy cos i love the design :)!

And okay i've decided to announce the exciting news i've been hinting a few posts back! There's actually a right guess on FS alr haha, but then again i said it wasn't hard to guess:)
I have my own blogshop!!! -pops confetti-

Its called Willowfawn, why its named that you can read on the site when its ready, which is 4 Nov 8pm the day of the official launch!:) 

A small advert below hehe:)Pics are taken from willowfawn's facebook page where more preview pics are found:) Read on to find out about the current facebook promo which is really easy!

 Here's the mint clutch i paired with the lacepipe dress above:) Quality is really good, i can gurantee:)

Here's the Snidel Pearl Collar dress you guys have seen in previous posts! I love it so much i've decided to bring it in for the launch:)The clutch has been featured before too!

Willowfawn is launching a new collection, Dreamaker on 4Nov, 8pm!

Dreamaker Collection Promo:
Simply 'Like' our facebook page to win $5 store credits!
Winner will be announced on 3rd November, 2pm:)

In addition, Like and Share our Dreamaker album for double the chance of winning! Rmb to printscreen after doing so ;)

Some items you can expect: Luna Floral Swing Skirt, Claire Pearl Collar Dress, Kelsey Clutch and more!

So stay tuned for the launch on 4nov guys!:)  And i'll be doing a behind the scenes post soon:)) byee for now~

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