Monday, 15 October 2012

Canary Sunlight

Hey all!! :)) Just wanted to say....
okay sorry for the cap locks! I'm just extremely super duper uber happy :') 
And I'll be blogging more often now (Y) :) So stay tuned to this space alright!

On a side note, blogger gave me quite a big headache yesterday lol. All my blog stats were gone and it showed "8 views" only lol, and the title of my posts all became blank so i freaked out abit. But thank goodness most of it turned back to normal 1 hour later haha, if not i gotta type out all the titles again ><!

Anyways!:) This post is a birthday post for my bro! And there'll be more bday posts coming up very soon cos mine is in a few days haha:)

For lunch we dined at Niniq, a very nice bistro in Johor:) Its one of our fav haunts in the area~ Price is quite reasonable, and food is good as well!

Here's my Mushroom Cream Pasta<3

And their mushroom soup is to die for, so so good!

My fav part: Desserts!! They have a wide selection so everytime i go there i pile on the fats haha.

 Instagrammed shot! How come instagram makes everything look nicer hahaha

Lace Blouse 
Yellow Eyelet Skirt from BKK
Pastel Belt (set of 5) from wonderlustworld

 A happy cheery outfit for the happy occasion:) Me and my bro are matching bananas lol XD Cos he's wearing yellow also haha.

Review(MGG): Got this from the restocks launch cos i was too slow during the actual launch a few months back. Oh and i bought this with store credits so its a good deal to me! ;) The lace is pretty and intricate, though material is abit on the thin side. And furring will definitely happen cos its very delicate at the sleeves area. After handwashing this once i think its already starting to fur :( Nonetheless its super pretty and not scratchy imo:)


Omg i discovered this old pic in malaysia, i was such a spastic kid -_- not that i'm not now, im still crazy when im around close people. There was once my classmate came over to my house to do a project and she saw a childhood pic of mine and she stared at it for super long and said "i can't believe this is you!!!!" Lol XD But yes i look very different from last time haha. 

On the car, otw to the chinese restaurant for bday dinner:) 

Check out my silly bro XD He always looks awkward in pictures! Forever cannot smile naturally hahaha

Wheee my baby cousins came too!

sorry ah accidentally block your face lol :x


"Check out my bowl hair cut yo!"

cutting his strawberry shortcake :) He chose this but he picks out the strawberries -_-


Check out my yellow bro stuffing the cake into his mouth oh gosh :O 

After dinner party time! hahah im not sure if you guys can tell, but my couz is holding an iphone and dancing Gangnam style to it!! He's only 2+ and he is alr learning gangnam style oh gosh. @.@

HAHA look at him rock some moves!


haha okay thats all, no more pics liao:) byeeeee<3

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