Friday, 5 October 2012

Jade Peonies

Helloooooo :)) I feel like i haven't blogged in the longest time ever :/ I'm still in the midst of exams but its currently friday so i shall spend some time off studying:) Just finished a super long and tedious humanities paper!! I wrote 10 pages of (hopefully logical) stuff about environmental degradation in China and stuff haha. Anyways im super happy its over!!! :))) I hate humanities the most argh.

Haha so lately i have rekindled my love for korean dramas. There was a period of time i was more towards the variety show side haha. Here are some dramas i've been watching lately!:))

Faith (Korean name: Shin yi 신이 )

This drama is pretty good!:) As i probably mentioned before several times, i super love historical dramas haha :) There's just that feeling that we can't get in modern times that makes it so appealing:) As compared to The moon that embraces the sun, this one is more physical if you know what i mean. More fighting and excitement i guess!:) TMTETS is more of the sweet love story kind haha. Both also i can appreciate xD I quite like the cast in this drama:) Kim Hee Sun plays the female lead and she's a veteran actress so of cos her acting chops are awesome:) Lee min ho is rly cute in this drama too:) And he has swag haha. Worth watching!

Special mention goes to this guy with white hair here cos he's cool. ;) he kills with a flute lol

Look at this!! so cute and goofy haha :))

Next up,
To The Beautiful You

This drama is quite special in terms of casting i guess! Powerhouse entertainment company SM in Korea sent out representatives to play the main roles in this drama, probably to attract younger viewers:) Main guy is Min Ho from SHINee:) If you don't know who shinee is, er i got nothing to say haha :) Female lead is Sulli from girl group f(x) :) Quite a cute combi:) Since this is a remake of hana kimi, i wouldn't say its the most exciting drama. But if you want something  fresh and lively then this would be it for you:)

Nice Guy/The Innocent Man

Okay to be honest im not into melodramas at all! x.x but this one features Song Joong Ki, whom i really like(since his running man times) so im watching it haha.I really like the female lead Park Si Yeon too! She acted in My Girl which is in my top 3 fav dramas of all time:) And not to mention she is incredibly gorgeous like seriously x.x Anyways im at episode 6 for this drama and its pretty okay so far. It has a dark plot and schemes and stuff. So if you like these kind of revenge acts kinda plot then this will be good for you haha. But if you're the type who needs some er, comedy and light heartedness then this confirm plus chop not for you XD

last but not least ^^
The Third Hospital

I'm really into medical/science stuff so i like these kind of science fic dramas :)) If you're the kind that cannot stand blood and surgical images, please don't watch this haha. But i find those parts super interesting lol. Like when you dissect this part what do you see, how to suture arteries etc. Okay please don't think im weird i just like the medical stuff XD But this drama has more depth other than the medical aspect as well, there's the usual love story, and this one has some musical aspect as well haha. Oh and the storyline is basically about the clash between modern surgical medical tech and the older chinese sensei kind of medical treatments, which is quite interesting la :) For science and med lovers, i would recommend this :))

Oh and it features SNSD's Sooyoung as well so that adds more hype to the drama haha. Oh on a random side, just look at the pic below. Can you believe how skinny she is? x.x or rather most korean female idols are. SO skinny omg... its abit painful to watch :x But i guess they gotta uphold some kind of image as society wants them to so...

My fav guy in this drama hahah XD Oh Ji Ho :) He is so so so charming :) No kidding! Just look at that bright smile and dimples. Just looking at it makes ppl happy haha. Cos he got the happy cheery charismatic image haha. :) 

okay as you all can see im a drama addict ._. anyways hope the mini review was useful!! My fav one oout of all 4 will have to be Faith and Third Hospital ;)
 Andddddd some really exciting news!!:)
Rmb last time i said i would open up a spree to bring in some items that you guys asked about? Like this one:

 well, im not gonna bring it in as spree items but something else instead! haha thats all for a hint. I think you all can guess la hor :) Anyways stay tuned for the official announcement! Its gonna be huge <3 ;D Try guessing haha! Just leave a comment on my formspring at the side bar XD See if you'll hit the jackpot;)

On a side note i finally gotten my own ibank device :) Another thing to be happy about haha! Cos everytime need to go atm to do transactions very ma fan(hassle). >< So yay:) love the tiny ibank device its so cute ^^

Here's the very late bellabox september review! i feel quite bad cos its already october haha.

I'm quite happy with September's box!:) I love the scent of Wonderstruck, though Daisy by Marc Jacobs is still my fav:) Tried the Vichy Bi-white lotion already and its quite ok:) Very liquid texture, like water, nice scent and is easily absorbed:) Effect not visible yet though! Only started using it 2 days ago:) Oh and there's this vitamin ampoule thing which looks expensive 0.0 The origins moisturizer looks promising as well;) And last but not least i got a rimmel eyeliner haha, but the thing is you guys know i look goth with eyeliner.. :O

so... here's a MINI GIVEAWAY
To win this brand new Rimmel Flash Eyeliner, simply leave a comment with your name and email address OR email me :) Its that simple! Comments will be screened:) 

OH YES. The previous Lancome giveaway has already long ended haha, but i totally forgot to announce that i already emailed the winner, Hannah Tan! Sry bout it to the other people who participated and were still waiting :x my sincere apologies! 

Moving on, here's my little trinkets spree ;)) 
A F21 inspired ring, golden leaf clip, pearl hairtie, some whimsical keychains and a pair of earrings(for giveaway, but on another platform! linked to the exciting announcement i talk about in front!)

bunny ears iphone cap! cute max :)

Also, i received an email regarding a necklace from EPICFAS :) The reader wanted to see the closeup so here you go~

Remember to QUOTE "FELICIA" for FREE normal postage and visit owner Amelia's blog for an exclusive discount code!:)

Now time for OTDs which i know most of you like best lol :)

Intoxiquette love for prints flare dress in jade peonies, S

The prints of this dress is really pretty and i do like the design, but the ptp is too big for me :(( Its made of rough chiffon-polyester material i think, not scratchy and rather cooling :) I think the jade colour is really nice, contrasts with the floral prints for a 3D effect:) Its the kind of throw on and go kind of dress cos you don't really need accessories for this :) Good for lazy days~ Anyways i'll be letting this item go cos the ptp is too big :/ email me at if keen:)

HVV Lace Shorts, Cream

Got this a long time ago from sgflea at a good price of less than $20:) I got this back then when lace shorts weren't popular yet haha. Its supposed to be high waist i think but its kinda loose for me so it became mid waist instead :x But the lace is pretty, material is not too thick so its not hot. Nude undies advised though:) I'll be letting this go as well cos i like high waist stuff haha. Email me at if keen:) Oh ya, Peach Top is from BKK :)

Thats all guys! Such a long post right:) I spent very long on it k, so please don't skip any parts haha XD byeee and i'll update whenever i have time<3  

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